{weekend inspiration}

cool quote print

just some inspiration to kick start the weekend and some extracurricular reading…

have a wonderful weekend everyone!!  any good plans??  we’re heading out of town to visit friends…looking forward to “escaping”…even if it isn’t a very far trip! :)

… get a 15% discount to the store!!! get the discount code over at makeunder my life this weekend.

want a lovely, new dress?  enter not your average ordinary’s giveaway!!

just about the coolest diy headboard i’ve seen – i want to do this!  via splendid willow

get a peek behind the scenes of a magazine cover shoot – via eddie ross

can i spend the weekend here??  via living etc

[image above via we heart it]

9 thoughts on “{weekend inspiration}

  1. Have a fun time out of town! And thank you so much for mentioning my giveaway (I’m trying to be a good hostess and promote it a lot, but I’m beginning to feel like a broken record). And this quote — I have such a story to tell you that it reminds me of. This quote is something everyone needs to know and believe.

  2. I’m always so amazed with what DYI-ers come up with. I paint a picture frame and am ALL impressed with myself. :)

  3. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend… but isn’t it the nicest thing in the world not to have to pack all your relaxation time into the weekends now that you don’t have a 9-5? I couldn’t be happier! xxo,jane

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