{color combo} black + red

so when we last left off, our color combo was sand + black…some neutral goodness.  now we’re taking black and adding a splash of red to it for some classic style.  my mom always loved this combo – and it must have rubbed off on me because when i really started getting into design as [...]

{color combo} sand + black

last week we took a trip to the beach with the color palette of turquoise + sand.  this week’s color combo is a bit subdued but that doesn’t mean it lacks in cool.  it’s like a crisp, white button down shirt – always in style and effortlessly cool!
[images above, clockwise from top left:  via style [...]

{color combo} turquoise + sand

i’m back with a color combo (cue round of applause)!  let’s see…when we last left off, it was mustard yellow paired with turquoise. so this week, let’s take it to the beach for color inspiration!  actually, screw the color combo, can we just go to the beach??

[images above:  donna geissler;  matchbook mag;  tim walker photography; [...]

{color combo} mustard yellow +turquoise

hi all!  can you believe it’s almost july?!  where did june go?  the summer needs to slow down!
today’s another color palette for some inspiration and you know i’m loving it already…it’s got yellow in it!!  last week we left off with navy blue + mustard yellow…this week it’s all about yellow + turquoise.  such a [...]

{color combo} navy blue + mustard yellow

last week we left off with navy blue in these color palettes…this week is an oldie but goodie…navy  blue + mustard yellow! one of my favorites – it’s such a bright, colorful and totally cool color pairing.  feels perfect for summer!…blue walls anyone?!
p.s. can i tell you how much i love that cake?!

[images above: house [...]

{color combo} chartreuse + navy blue

so last week i did a color combo post (grey + chartreuse) based on paper-source’s colorology.  it got me thinking that it would be fun every week to take one of the colors from the last post, add a new color and voila, new color combo!  that way, we get to see lots of different [...]

{color combo} chartreuse + grey

so based on yesterday’s color personality post, i thought it would be fun to collect together some images of the colors that i ended up picking.  it’s crazy how many slight variations on the color “chartreuse” there are – i think everyone has their own idea of what that color is!  (me included

[images [...]

{what color are you?}

as i was working this weekend (and wandering), i came across this fun color chart over at paper source.  please tell me that i’m not the only one who gets a kick out of these kinds of things!  try to not look at the wording and just choose what color you’re drawn to most – [...]

{all that glitters}

welcome back – hope you all had a great weekend! we survived the snowstorm by staying huddled inside this weekend doing projects around the house and watching movies. but i have to admit, i’m feeling a bit stir crazy! so i’m stepping out of my comfort zone and into all things sparkly [...]


i think i’ve mentioned this before that i’m not much of a traditional gal – but i do have a thing for traditions (and yes, i think there’s a difference between the two!!)  traditional to me, means following rules set by others.  traditions on the, other hand, feel much more open and individual.  i always [...]

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