{backdoor brag}

any fans of 30 rock?  then you’ll know what i’m talking about when i say “backdoor brag”!  but i can’t help it – it’s exciting to see designers whose work i adore get recognized!  last week, apartment therapy named their  “10 women to watch:  textile designers” and how cool is this…one sydney road carries 4 [...]


phew, what a week!! the excitement i’m feeling is off the charts! have you had a chance to create your own wishlist on the store site yet? that’s always so fun, isn’t it? i thought i’d share some of my wishlist with you all!!  more to come…
do you guys [...]

{etsy find + seek…creepy}

it’s funny how certain images can send shivers up your spine…just a simple white night dress can bring up images of lizzy borden.  and don’t even get me started on the creepiness of doll faces.
taken in a different setting some of these things may not have that creepy feeling…but combined…ooOOOOooooOOOOoooo!
[cool etsy finds, clockwise from top [...]

{etsy find + seek…air mail}

don’t you love the allure of air mail – the thought of sending or receiving mail from far flung places.  although, given the choice, i’m pretty sure we’d all prefer to be sending it!  if you could go anywhere, where would you travel?  for me, it would be anywhere in europe (although i’d love to [...]

{find + seek…autumn}

as much as i say i don’t like fall, it really only has to do with the colder weather…i can’t help but love the colors of autumn.  seeing the leaves change color, snuggling under a cozy throw, carving pumpkins…just a few of my favorite fall activities.  this year i’d love to add apple picking to [...]

{find + seek…back to school}

it’s hard for me to believe – but kids are going back to school!  some are already back.  before september??  that seems cruel – august is still summer – school shouldn’t be in session when the pools are still open!!  
i have to say that one of my fave things as a kid was going school [...]

{find + seek…in the woods}

we’re going camping this weekend – finally.  i’m looking forward to escaping the city, hiking, playing games, getting my zen on in front of the fire and just getting lots of fresh air (oh and eating plenty of s’mores!!) nothing is better than sitting in front of the campfire and just talking…ooh and telling [...]


what else can i say other than these are just about the cutest chocolates i’ve come across!!  aren’t they perfect for fall?  (and this is coming from someone who dreads fall because it means summer is over!)  

[images from top:  edible chocolate filled acorns & chocolate filled toadstools from andie's specialty sweets]

{find + seek…exclamation point!}

if you haven’t noticed already, i’ll just come out and say it…i’m a huge fan of exclamation points.  in fact, i always have to edit my use of them because i find that i could pretty much end every sentence i write with one.   i never thought much about it until i read the editor’s letter [...]

{find + seek…camping}

what’s on my mind lately?  a weekend getaway full of fresh air, campfires and, of course, lots & lots of s’mores (ever try making them with peanut butter cups?  i swear, you won’t go back).  sadly nothing is on the calendar…yet!
do you guys like camping?  and the big question…tent or cabin?
[cool etsy finds, clockwise from [...]

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