{new for fall!!}

whew, the hubby & i had a BLAST this weekend shooting these photos for the new fall items.  i thought if i titled it “nuts for fall” and “wild for fall” that it would make me enjoy fall more…the jury is still out on that but i’m absolutely head-over-heels for these new napkins & tea [...]

{fave things for fall}

those of you who have gotten to know me over the past year or so know that i’m not a huge fan of fall (trust me, i know, i’m like the only person who’s not a big fan – i think i need to start a club for those few of us!)  ok, let me [...]

{come say hi!}

excited to tell you guys that i’ll have a table at this friday’s art in the petit parc ! it’s put on by the amazing gal behind i heart cleveland. so those of you who live in cleveland (or those of you who feel like taking a trip to the cleve), come on out and [...]

{signs that spring is around the corner…}

happy monday everyone!  i have a feeling this post is more hopeful than realistic about spring especially since today we have ice and snow covering EVERYTHING!  but we did notice tiny buds appearing on our lilac tree – that means spring is coming, right?!  right?!
even if i’m not being realistic about warm weather being around [...]

{daily candy}

hi friends!  thank you so much for taking time out to take the survey – your comments have been so wonderful and helpful – i’ll be filling you in on the results next week – let’s just say the wheels are turning – i’ve got lots of ideas!
ok, i can’t stand it anymore (i.e., get [...]

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