{spring cleaning checklist: organize me}

happy monday everyone!  hope you all had a great weekend.  mine was good right up until sunday when i got stricken with some sort of bug.  ugh.  so i’m here…just not 100% here. (forgive me then, if i ramble incoherently!)
we had a chance to take new photos for the store site!!  hope you enjoy them [...]

{just because…}

i need to do this!!  great idea.  although i guess i still have to actually do the things listed, huh?!
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{chuckle out loud – cool paper clips}

when we were in sydney, we visited so many fantastic boutiques…i was in shopping paradise!!  i ended up buying 1/2 of sydney i think…or at least whatever would fit into my suitcase (grin). 
fast forward a year later…my hubby and i were just looking through our australia stuff (basically a box full of things we brought [...]

{boutique love – sorting with style}

home office organization seems to be mission impossible for me.  our desk is in the far reaches of our house and, therefore, has yet to see someone sit at it.  but, i guess it’s not all bad –  it has become the perfect spot for everything that needs to be filed/sorted/stored/or forgotten about!
so, needless to [...]

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