{squirt & skootch cards}

hello everyone!
so you may have noticed a lag in blog posts – i didn’t drop off the face of the earth, but i am realizing that things are too hectic to keep up regular posts during the holidays (yet again, i’m forced to realize i can’t do everything…le sigh:).  i miss blogging though!  so…i thought [...]

{last days of summer}

i’m still having a hard time believing it’s september.  i don’t know about you but i’m not ready for summer to end.  so i think we should all try and check off at least one of these to-do’s this weekend!!  i’m partial to afternoon nap & drive-in movie (not to mention, long hours watching us [...]

{makes me want to} say hello


couldn’t resist!  seriously the best flyer…EVER!
[images above, clockwise from top left:  frank aloi;   emma smart; hello gift tags from simple pretty prints;  sign from william dohman;  ornamelle;  necklace from joanna rutter;  via this isn't happiness]

{thirsty goods}

gotta love the blog world, right?  it’s been the best way to meet amazing, creative people.  like maria from thirsty goods.  we “met” during an online class when i realized that she was from the same city as me.  well, lo & behold, after emailing, i found out we’re both westsiders in cleveland!  we met [...]

{shake it up – it’s coming back!}

it’s friday!!  and i have some good news to share.  due to popular demand (thanks everyone for taking the survey!) i’m bringing the shake it up series back…but with a twist!!  details to follow but here’s a little teaser…it’ll be a year long blog hop/collaboration! so get ready to shake it up!
now on to the [...]

{it’s not too late…}

hi everyone!  how was your holiday weekend?  was santa good to you?   i have to say that santa (aka my hubby) was very good to me…he got me the most beautiful, thoughtful, reduce me to a teary-eyed mess gift this year.  i had no idea which made it that much better!!  he got me [...]

{gift wrapping + birthday time!}

confession time – i just started christmas shopping.  sadly this year i think i’m going to be one of those crazed shoppers on dec.24th that finds out everything is sold out.  (luckily i do most of my shopping online)  the good news is that it makes it much easier to shop when you have your [...]

{boo…halloween cards}

a little collection of halloween cards.  since we’ve moved to our house a few years ago, passing out candy on halloween has become a bit of a mystery – as in, how much candy do we need to get?!  last year, we went through 10 bags of candy in only 45 minutes!!  we had to [...]

{emergency card kit}

do you ever have grand plans that somehow never come to fruition?  one of mine was to have an accordion file filled with cards for any and every occasion (organized, of course!).  right now, i only have a box stuffed with cards, notecards, stationery and miscellaneous items – basically a hodge-podge of who knows what’s in [...]

{calling cards from haus interior}

if only i’d have the balls to actually use these calling cards from haus interior on people who don’t let you get a word in edgewise!  so fun
i just have to say you guys are the best…thanks for making me happy to be back from vacation with all your sweet comments!

btw, i wanted to say [...]

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