{rah + rah jewelry}

my jewelry box would love any of these beauties from rah + rah jewelry!  love that their concept is to turn ancient jewelry into modern, wearable pieces and that their inspiration comes from archaeological pieces.  it’s a modern day indiana jones vibe! (well, if indiana jones were into jewelry!)

{morse code necklaces}

i was hoping to have photos of my office this week…looks like it’s not going to happen…this glossy paint i chose is taking forever to dry!!  one more coat though and it should be done…until then, i’m still stuck in the dining room.  patience, patience…
so instead i had to show you these cool morse code [...]

{louise douglas jewelry}

lovely and unique jewelry from new zealand designer louise douglas.  she contacted me about her jewelry and when i brought up her website i was immediately taken by the unique mix of textures and shapes (and that it reminds me of the beach!). i just love the sea lace necklace…it’s kind of one part delicate and [...]

{elk accessories}

gorgeous jewelry from melbourne based elk accessories - i love their use of textures and colors – something about that red wooden bead necklace is just screaming to me!

{heidi towslee jewelry giveaway winner!}

i’m off to “play hooky” today (woo hoo!) but wanted to make sure i posted the winner!
so drum roll please…
according to random.org,
the winner of the heidi towslee fiona bracelet giveaway is…
lori from chicgeek designs!!   
congrats lori! i’ll be sending an email!  be sure to check out
heidi’s etsy shop for more beautiful jewelry!
i wish all of you [...]

{heidi towslee jewelry…& giveaway!!}

this post will remain at the top for the duration of the giveaway. scroll down to see new posts!!

happy monday everyone!  how was your weekend?  i can’t wait to tell you about my night in the “big city”.  i’ll have that post up later today.  right now i’m starting the week off with a bang…it’s [...]

{mid century chair necklaces}

i may not be able to afford the real ones, so these necklaces by tider design can take the place!  i’ve always loved these mid-century chair designs (my fave of these is the eames chair – so simple and modern) - but, it’s cool how they look great as jewelry too…i guess a classic is always [...]

{lenora dame jewelry}

i keep wanting to update my jewelry.  i’m feeling bored by what i have…maybe it’s because it’s the start of a new season?
so, these ransom note bangles from lenora dame jewelry are calling my name.  they’re statement pieces…literally!  i just love the typography – fun and modern.  and you can choose any word (or phrase) [...]

{lucy folk jewelry}

finally pasta i can enjoy without having to worry about eating too much!  (i’m a die-hard pasta fan…much to my waistline’s chagrin!)   i love people who think outside of the box because the end result can be so unique and cool like this whimsical, pasta-inspired jewelry by australian designer lucy folk. 
she even has a seafood collection and a nibbles collection (which [...]

{favor jewelry on etsy}

gorgeous and somehow ethereal – the jewelry by favor jewelry is perfect for both casual wear and nights out.

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