{new goodies & lots of gift ideas!}

happy friday everyone!!  is december flying by or what??   i don’t know about you, but i’m just getting started on gift shopping (although, i have to admit, it does make it fun & easy to just shop my shop!)  how about you…are you just getting started too or have you finished shopping?  and go [...]

{just unpacked!}

i’m literally jumping up & down, squeaking with joy over these makeup bags & sachets!!  i worked with carol at yorktown road to have these created specially for one sydney road!!  i was on yorktown’s facebook page a month or so ago and noticed that she had created some striped bags.  well, if its got [...]

{new spring products & a break}

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…i’m not superwoman.  shocker, right?  so it’s time to come clean…i was inspired by this post over at makeunder my life titled “being an authentically flawed blogger”.  if you get a chance, read it.  i think so many of us are trying to figure out how to [...]

{hello february!}

what happened to january?  and more importantly, what happened to all my goals for the new year?!  i’m blaming it on the cold weather!  i just came across this quote and realized that’s exactly how i feel right now:
february is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until march.
– dr. j. [...]


phew, what a week!! the excitement i’m feeling is off the charts! have you had a chance to create your own wishlist on the store site yet? that’s always so fun, isn’t it? i thought i’d share some of my wishlist with you all!!  more to come…
do you guys [...]

{rainy days + mondays}

it’s another rainy day here.  makes it much easier to stay inside and work – although i’m constantly tempted to cuddle under a cozy throw with a good book instead!  (although right now i’m going through a dry spell with books – can’t seem to find one that grabs my attention – any recommendations?)
you won’t [...]

{base in south beach}

i’m very slowly getting back to the real world.  for the past week, the only requirement for the evening was checking out the sunset…rough, right?!  so it’s hard to get back into the swing of things and the fact that there’s more to do in the evenings now than watch sunsets (grin)!   but i have to [...]

{shake it up – week 24 scoop}

morning everyone!  did you have a good weekend?  i’ve been so excited to share pictures with you from my friday night at the made in the 216 event!
made in the 216 is an annual event meant to showcase local, cleveland based designers.  it was started by the amazingly talented danielle deboe, owner of  my favorite shop in cleveland, room service.  this year [...]

{in the woodshed}

feeding into my obsession with all things type related, uk based in the woodshed has such cool & chic vintage sign letters and numbers.  even the styling is kind of this chic vintage industrial look (and you know how i love styling!).
i came across a kitchen awhile ago in house + home that i always thought was a great [...]

{what’s in store…}

there’s nothing better than coming home and finding a package to open…especially when it’s filled with such adorable goodies like these shown above – just got them yesterday! (and wrapped in cool houndstooth tissue paper – love it!).  i’m so glad katrina from pugly pixel decided to open her shop mr. rabbit, sir.  it’s filled with [...]

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