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hello everyone!

so you may have noticed a lag in blog posts – i didn’t drop off the face of the earth, but i am realizing that things are too hectic to keep up regular posts during the holidays (yet again, i’m forced to realize i can’t do everything…le sigh:).  i miss blogging though!  so…i thought i’d shoot for just doing friday posts & share what i’ve come across that week.

and yes, i know today is monday – but i wanted to share with you guys my friend kendall’s new website!!  i met kendall about the time she was just starting her card company squirt & skootch (fun name, right?? that’s their nicknames!)  i think we bonded over having new businesses and our general goofiness & craziness!  she’s as fun & down to earth as you would think from reading her cards!

it’s so exciting to see how far she’s come with squirt & skootch – you have to check out all her cards, they’re a riot!!  they’re completely edgy, fun & will definitely catch you off guard which is exactly the point!

(woot woot, how fun is this…i nabbed the testimonial quote on the front page!  thanks kendall :)

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