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one sydney road - 60 days of wanderlust



Q. where did the inspiration for "60 days of wanderlust" come from?

A. just like a lot of people, i have the fever for traveling & exploring!  after seeing a poster for the movie "around the world in 80 days" i became inspired to travel around the world - at least vicariously - by getting artists & bloggers to share their favorite parts of their cities!!  it's also my way of saying "thanks" to all my amazing customers!!

Q. what cities will you be visiting during the 60 days?

A. you'll just have to wait & see!!

Q. how do i get a passport?

A. just click the button above that says "grab your passport" & sign up!

Q. who designed the lovely passport?

A. the talented & creative janie from we heart paper

Q. what is the giveaway?

A. an amazing goodie bag filled with an item from each of our featured artists!!  images & info to be posted shortly!!

hope you enjoy "traveling" during the next 60 days!!

xo piper + the one sydney road crew