birds + the bees print

List Price: $45.00

cold hands, warm heart...these colorful, whimsical prints are many things at once! they're certain to warm your heart, house, desk or wherever!!

  • ink jet printed to keep the colors vibrant + imaged on archival fine art paper.
  • words on print say: "talk about the birds & the bees & the flowers in the trees"
  • size is approximately 18 x 12 inches
  • unframed.

designer: grey cardigan {usa}
grey cardigan is a line of prints and cards featuring the imagery of artist brian andrew jasinski. grey cardigan takes you to a place where skinny suits & specs are uniform, birds rest wherever their whims desire - & pattern rules the school. sensical at times, nonsensical the next, symmetry is served with a twist & irony without borders.

song: cold hands, warm heart by brendan benson