// join me, i’m teaching a class for ALT!

Hello all!  Happy spring?  It’s supposed to be spring right?   It’s hard to tell because all we’ve seen here in Cleveland is snow.  And that makes me antsy.  Once March hits, I’m ready.  Ready for winter to be over, to throw open the windows, get outside & just feel less hibernate-y (that’s a word, right?!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a bit of a ‘winter hangover’.  All the excitement for a new year & new goals has somehow faded to the back because of daily life.  You might be too busy, stressed, unfocused, or just plain COLD.  Who can feel excitement when all you want to do is stay under the blankets!  (Ha, as I’m writing this, I realized that I have a blanket over me!!)

That’s why I love spring.  All of a sudden the winter hangover clears and I feel ready to tackle things again.  It’s like a second ‘new year’!  Now’s the time to use that springtime feeling of inspiration to get working on your goals & your business (or the business you dream about!)

So I’m super excited to tell you about my class coming up for ALT channel!  It’s called ‘From Blog to Shop: Making Your Site Shine’ and it’s chock full of tips & tricks for standing out in the way over-crowded online market.  It’s something I feel is important to talk about.  You may feel like you can never compete with the ‘big guys’ or that maybe it is just too crowded out there.  Well, it’s time to start tackling this head on!

For those of you wanting a peek at my upcoming course Make Your Shop Shine, then this class at ALT is perfect.  It’s only an hour long, only $15 and I promise to give you action steps that you can use on your own site!

Get all the info & sign up here at ALT channel.  Class is online on 4.4.12 – hope to see you all in class!

xo Piper

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