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happy friday!  i am ready with a capital R for the weekend – hoping to go see the movie argo.  anyone else wanting to see this movie??

this post series has been a LONG time coming.  it’s something i’ve been wanting to do for awhile (i think i had the idea waayyy back in february after going to a ladies who launch meeting) – to celebrate the women out in this world doing ah-maz-ing things.  and quite frankly, to just give some shout outs to celebrate their victories (whether small or BIG) and the inspiration that these gals throw our way!  i’m finding out that we just don’t take the time to celebrate our own wins…so i’ll do it for you :)

without further adieu, some shout outs & congrats to…

mariah, my awesomesauce intern, is having a banner week.  she was announced as one of the speakers for alt summit AND she found out she was accepted to indie wed!!  this comes after she recently left her day job to pursue her dream.  so CONGRATS mariah!!!!

the talented brittni from papernstitch, is now a monthly diy contributor over at project wedding…AND she was in woman’s day magazine this year with her frosted glass mirror project.  go brittni!!!!

jasmine star for being brave & writing this post.

judy from modern pixie, a local friend, is taking a huge leap of faith, selling off anything she doesn’t need, packing up what’s left and moving to maine!!  so excited and proud of you!!!!

{ oh and if you’re looking for an early christmas gift…monika from splendid avenue, has a huge $350 gift certificate giveaway happening…enter to win! }

[image above from pink sherbet photography]

meet the photographer…mad hearts

i’m back!!  ha, you may not have even noticed i was gone.  i had a bunch of things to wrap up & start up so my updates have been few & far between.  and i don’t know about you, but i have to soak up every bit of the last days of summer!  although we ended up hanging out with friends around the fire pit this weekend and i have to admit that that makes the colder weather more fun!  s’mores anyone?

so for all of you who have sent emails asking about the photography for the boardwalk shop…well, today you get to meet maddy from mad hearts photography!  i ‘met’ maddy a few years back from surprise, surprise, blogging!! at the time she was just thinking about opening her photography studio so it’s such a kick to see how far she’s come.   not only is her photography studio open now but she’s done shoots for pip & estella, shows and portraits that are drop dead gorgeous.  so i was thrilled that maddy was open for spending an afternoon at coney island to get the fantastic & cool photos that i used for the boardwalk shop.

make sure you check out her work & her blog…she talks openly about going pro and it’s a rare, honest look at what it’s like.  go maddy!!

find her:   //  mad hearts photography  //  mad hearts blog

// meet the shopkeep…pip & estella

// meet the shopkeep…brooklyn rehab

happy monday!  did you have a good weekend?  we worked on our backyard patio and got to enjoy some time outside with friends (and our fire pit!  seriously, why is staring in to a fire so enjoyable?!  must be the zen of it.)

up today in the boardwalk shop is alyssa from brooklyn rehab – i know that i’ve blogged about her stuff a few times – i’ve been coveting her work for awhile (and her nautical necklace is a FAVE of mine!!)  so i was excited to have her on board for this shop especially since she’s from brooklyn, home to the inspiration of this shop, coney island!

and better yet?  i now carry brooklyn rehab!  they made a great showing at the summer markets – everyone went nuts for the shaker sets :)

nautical necklace in boardwalk shop 1  //  anchor salt & pepper shaker set in boardwalk shop 2  //  shop brooklyn rehab at one sydney road




// meet the shopkeep…love obsessed

so this weekend i discovered that i’m in the wrong business.  we headed out to a wine festival along the lake in sandusky to help marcus’s mom pour wine samples for a winery she’s involved with.  well wouldn’t you know it…not only is wine sampling an easy sell but everyone’s just having a good old time!  hmm. :)

now on to this week’s shopkeep…stacy from love obsessed!  i received an email from her to introduce her jewelry and knew i had to have her for the boardwalk shop…the neon, bright colors…perfect, right?!  her jewelry is this perfect mix of 1950′s vintage meets modern meets sassy!  each one is hand-painted so you know that you’re getting something special & one of a kind.

check out her vintage inspired “neon lights” necklace in shop 1 //

vintage one-of-a-kind bracelet in shop 2 // shop love obsessed

// meet the shopkeep…fiscally chic

i know, i know, i’m always excited to introduce the shopkeeps…but it’s usually because they’re people that i a) admire and/or b) i’ve met & become friends via blogging.  cathy from fiscally chic happens to fall in to both those categories!  the cool thing is that we’ve actually been able to meet in person.  and i was happy to find out that she’s really funny and just plain fun to hang out with in real life.  we both come from financial backgrounds so i was originally drawn to her “budgeting made fun” type of attitude…i happen to think budgeting is oh-so-sexy so she speaks my language!  analytical plus creative = my kind of gal :)

i’m also thrilled for her that she decided to take the leap and open her own etsy shop.  so let’s give her 3 cheers…go cathy!!!

 check out her boardwalk inspired pillow in the shop! (& you’ll get a 10% discount!!) //
shop fiscally chic

// meet the shopkeep…the glossy queen

phew-ee…what a weekend!!  i’ll fill you all in later this week on how the summer market show went…but let’s just say that mother nature is a mad scientist!!  (thank you seinfeld for that quote :)

but first up, i want to introduce you to our next shopkeep..the glossy queen!  to which i’ve become dangerously obsessed.  i love people who aren’t afraid of color…and jennifer is a master of combining colors together!

// check out her bangle set in the boardwalk shop!

// shop the glossy queen


// meet the shopkeep…minagraphy

when i started working on the boardwalk shop, there was 1 item that i knew had to be in the shop…the whimsical, crazy-cool photo of coney island by minagraphy.  (the same photo that has held a bright spot on our mantel for the past year – it seriously makes me grin every time i walk past it!)

so i’m ecstatic to have minagraphy and her fun, colorful and completely whimsical photography.  the mood she captures for her coney island series just takes me back to childhood…fun, hot days riding rides & eating food on sticks!

// check out her ‘carnival’ photo in boardwalk shop 1

// check out her ‘beach’ photo in boardwalk shop 2

// minagraphy

// meet the shopkeep…wind & willow home

it’s meet the shopkeep time!  one of the things that i love about doing these pop-up shops, is that i get to connect & talk with all the shopkeeps.  araya (awesome name, right?!) is such a sweetheart and has been such fun to work with…and i think her fun shows in her work.

i remember coming across her wooden bowls awhile back (i’m sure it was on one of my many etsy explorations!) then i realized i kept posting and/or pinning her work because she’s got such a great sense of color and it’s just so cool against the wood.  i want to have a carnival party and have her mini painted bowls everywhere!

(and btw…don’t you love her idea of success??  so spot on…yet somehow easier said than done!!)

see what’s in her boardwalk shop 1 // see what’s in her boardwalk shop 2 //

wind & willow home

// meet the shopkeep… style scout co.

isn’t her quote so fun?!

make sure you check out her super fun stuff in the shop – a brownie hawkeye camera by kodak and vintage cocktail parasols! 

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