// the best laid plans

we’re back from portland & the world domination summit…we actually got back late wednesday but it’s been a rough few days back.   as they say, the best laid plans…

marcus & i had plans to vacation a few days after the conference.  we spent last monday on the oregon coast (wowza, it’s beautiful!!  the drive up is like straight out of twin peaks with all the evergreens & bright greenery).  sadly on the way back to portland we found out that our little dog kit kat had to be put to sleep…she had congestive heart failure.  talk about instant vacation killer.  we just felt sick & stuck, not knowing what to do from 2000 miles away. so it’s been bittersweet coming home.  happy to be home, refreshed from a vacation away, but just sad & missing our little one.

sometimes life reminds you of the important things.

{tedx ROCKED!}

holy moly, tedx ROCKED!!  talk about inspiring – wowza.  i’ve never been to a live ted event before so i really had no idea what to expect.  my friend kendall (from squirt & skootch fame) and i ventured to the museum of art on friday to take in the tedx cle event…and btw, it was gorgeous outside so it was not the easiest thing to stay in all day!  (ha, the sacrifices i make for inspiration, right? :)

#1 takeaway from tedx cleveland?  apparently there are people in all kinds of industries doing AH-mazing things.  ok, so this isn’t a revelation BUT it was a huge reminder for me to remember that not everything revolves around my biz and the design world.  i know, crazy, right??

#2 takeaway? i need to get off my butt & start volunteering already for the projects that i keep saying “oh, i’d love to volunteer for that”

#3 takeaway?  dar caldwell from launch house describing entrepreneurship - um, yep, he hit the nail on the head with that!!

#4 takeaway…why can’t everyone have him for a teacher??  one of my fave talks…this one knocked my socks off.

[images above:  tedx photo's photo steam;  _basquiat_'s flickr photo stream;  phil roeder's photo stream; a_of_doom's photo stream]

{speaking of fear…}

cool modern home accessories

thank you all for such amazing comments on yesterday’s post – fear can be such a paralyzer and sometimes we have to just conquer it – even if it’s just by posting about it!  everything i’ve read (thank you danielle la porte & chris guillebeau!) always says that the best way to conquer fear is to take action – easier said than done, am i right?  but whatta you know?  i think it might work!

so on a lighter note, i saw these giant flowers yesterday and was thinking that there’s all levels of fear – for some reason, giant, oversized flowers kind of give me the willies!!  i think they’re gorgeous and how cool is this picture?  but i don’t think i could just stand among them :)

and then i saw the below picture…cool idea.  (but i have to say, instead of fear, doesn’t it kind of look like he’s, um, well, constipated?!)

happy friday everyone!!  have a wonderful weekend!

[images above:  photography by elizabeth messina on style me pretty, found via paper doll;  the show "lie to me" from fox]

{fear is just a 4 letter word}

**just to clarify – this post is just my personal feelings – there are plenty of peeps out there sharing their struggles and fears and “breaking the rules” – this is just how i’ve felt, in general, over the past year.  hearing jasmine star talk at alt last month about letting it all out, being 100% yourself & her being ok that people either love or hate her inspired this particular post **

you know those words i’m talking about – especially all us potty mouths out there!  those 4 letter words that pack a punch.  well, i think we need to start including FEAR in that list because, to me, that packs the biggest punch of all.  as in, it’s given me a bad case of writer’s block, has made me doubt anything & everything and basically kind of forget who i am. (ok, i still know that i’m piper and i still act goofy, have strong opinions, love building businesses and helping people…i just kind of lost that…it’s been like “piper-lite”!)

notice that it’s been a bit quiet on the blog the past few months?  yep…FEAR.  because as soon as i started my retail store, what i said and did online felt like it mattered…ALOT.  every image i created, every written word, every tweet became a what if…what if i said the wrong thing?  what if i unwittingly insulted someone?  what if it didn’t end in a sale?  so i felt neutered, for lack of a better word.  even worse…fearful of what i had to say.  fearful of breaking “the rules” – rules that i don’t even know who set up! (do you?  are they even written down somewhere?!)

then i did some major soul searching the past few months and started thinking to myself “what am i so afraid of?”

combine that with my talk at alt summit where it reminded me of how much experience i have starting businesses and how much i LOVE coaching & helping people and it all added up to one thing…

piper’s got her mojo back!  (at least, right now, at this very moment :)

so i’ve decided to say “the hell with it” and break the rules and kick FEAR to the curb!

who said that we can’t talk about our struggles as we’re growing our biz?  who said that we have to wait until we have the answers figured out before talking?

and the big one…who decided that we have to always put our best foot forward online?

i don’t know about you but if i hear one more time that someone made 6 figures in 6 months, i’m going to throw my computer through a wall!  i think it’s time to get real – because just like i know that people compare themselves to me, i do the same thing to others.  and it’s all because we’re putting our best foot forward – no one knows what life is like behind the scenes.  but i think there’s value to knowing about that part!!

can you imagine how refreshing it would be if people you admired & thought were the biggest successes let you in on the fact that they struggle too or maybe that they have to work 80 hours a week in order to be successful.  doesn’t that change how you feel about yourself and your own biz or success?  we have to be able to compare apples to apples if we’re going to compare.

so screw FEAR…i’m breaking the rules this year.  and i’m hoping you’ll come with me.

i’m beyond proud of what i’ve built so far but it hasn’t been all roses.  lots more to share on all that.  plus LOTS of really exciting changes are coming to one sydney road – i’m kind of busting at the seams about it all – but the cool thing is that it’s all for you guys so i’m going to need your help & input over the next few weeks!!

for now, i would love to know what you think about fear – what holds you back from being yourself?

{hello 2012!}

happy new year!!  and hello 2012!  i’m not much for resolutions anymore – they just set you up – it’s not like i’m going to wake up january 1st a magically new and improved person!  which means that the same challenges i had in the previous year are going to be the exact challenges i face in the new year.  (see here – one year ago i said i wanted to organize my office – huh, how strange then that i started doing the same thing this weekend!!  will i ever get it organized??)

i think we forget that january 1st is just a day like any other…there’s still laundry to be done, food to be cooked, bills to pay & family to take care of.  so don’t put pressure on that day to make it magical.  any day can be jan 1st – why not march 3rd or june 20th?  we get to choose any day we want for a fresh start!

so instead i like to take the time at the end of each year to write down all my accomplishments from the past year (small ones, big ones, they all count! because, yes, “tried new foods like passion fruit” counts as an accomplishment :)

so i want to invite you guys to join me & just celebrate the small victories of 2011.  that’s step 1.  that way we can start 2012 with a clean slate and the idea that anything is possible!!

{happy holidays!!}

modern home accessories

thanks everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes this week!!  i’m still smiling!  (don’t you wish you could have a “birthday” day every week – especially the eating cake part – mmm)

i hope all your stockings are hung, trees trimmed & halls decked so you can relax & enjoy all the festivities!  i’m off to bake cookies today with my mother-in-law (family receipe for kolachkes…yum, yum!!)

here’s wishing you & yours a wonderful holiday filled with laughter, cheers & treats!!

and here’s something to make you chuckle…

it literally took over 100 photos to get 1 good shot of our dogs for this photo!  we kept throwing stockings, a santa hat, a santa toy to burnsey to just get him to catch it and have it in his mouth (mind you, every day he does this just for fun!!)  well, apparently when you put a camera in the mix, he clams up…so this is what kept happening…they’re lucky they’re so darn cute!!

p.s. i shared some simple & easy holiday decorating ideas over at sandy ala mode if you need some last minute sprucing up!!

{another year older…}

and hopefully another year wiser!  or at the very least a bit smarter (and while i’m wishing…more organized, fitter, stress-free, i could go on & on)  i thought the above note was perfect (and hilarious) for the day!!

and i almost got my birthday wish…snow!!  i wanted marcus to take me skiing since i’ve only been once.  and it snowed this weekend, perfect right?  except it’s now warmer out and snow is melting rapidly!  and since marcus had to take tomorrow off work instead to celebrate my birthday…the waiting game begins.  fingers crossed!!

[images above:  thxthxthx.com;  piper]

{behind the scenes fun}

modern home accessories

how was your weekend?  i’m doing a happy dance because we got our tree this weekend and he’s a beaut!  marcus and i were laughing that years of picking out a tree in freezing cold or pouring rain has made us experts at picking trees…quickly.  this year was nice & sunny but we had our guy picked within 5 minutes!!

putting it up – that’s another matter.  marcus wanted to try a new technique this year for putting on the lights (our most hated of all holiday tasks…grr)   his solution…spinning the tree while staying in place with the lights.  let’s just say i pretty much snickered the whole time while i was “spinning” the tree.  next year, since he’s all about this idea now, i told him we should just put our tree on a lazy susan!

so here’s a few behind the scene photos – from the photo shoot we did for the gift sets – burnsey is becoming quite good at quality control :)  but not great at being a model – doesn’t he understand that we just want one shot of him wearing the santa hat!!

modern home accessoriescool gift ideas

{happy friday!}

cool modern gifts

happy friday friends!  had to share a funny story with you guys – this was a few weeks ago, in the evening…as in LATE LATE evening, my hubby’s mom gave us a call to ask if she could drop something off for us.  she was coming home from a party and had something for us.  we’re thinking “cool, i bet it’s dessert!”  nope…it was a GIANT ice cream cone made from balloons (and when i say giant, i mean it!  it was a tall as me!)  so now everytime i see these great big balloons i think about this!

have a great summer weekend everyone!

ps. don’t forget to check out the summer sale going on over at the OSR store!

[image above: geronimo balloons]

{starting a new year}

cool quote print

no, it’s not january 1 yet.  but it is my 1 year blogiversary!!  i’m still in shock that a.) i’ve been blogging this long and b.) where did a whole year go???  i’m still amazed at how cool and wonderful blogging has turned out to be…what started as just a way to catalog ideas & finds and just babble has become so much more.  it’s the people i’ve “met” that absolutely make blogging one of the best things i’ve done – and to think i almost talked myself out of starting one!

since i’m starting a new year with the blog (not to mention a new store!), i think it’s a great time to refresh!  you’ll be seeing some fun new topics and more behind-the-scene posts…as well as, a much needed facelift for the blog!

as i’m reflecting on the past year and on the new year ahead, i’m asking for your help – i would love to know what you think should stay and what should just go already!  so pretty please with sugar on top, won’t you take this QUICK SURVEY and let me know your thoughts? (how’s that for groveling?!)

this year has been hectic to say the least, so t-h-a-n-k you so much for keeping one sydney road going everyday with your wonderful comments and personal emails. you’ve made this first year of blogging, for lack of a better word, awesome!!!

[image above via happy deliveries]

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