// create your own photo booth photos!

i love old school photobooth pics! i still have ones i took as a kid at cedar point. ever notice that once you close that curtain, it’s like anything goes…as long as that curtain is shut, you have 10 seconds to be as silly and weird as you want! and then all returns back to normal when you open the curtain. so i asked mariah if she could show us how to create our own photo booth photos. – piper

If you’ve ever been in a photobooth, you know how much fun it is to take silly pictures and go home a photostrip with the cute little photos all in a row.

And in the age of digital photos, camera phones and online sharing not many pictures are actually printed anymore – they’re all just stuck in our gadgets!

Well, we’re going to show you how to create a photostrip with your own photos! We’ve even created a fun little photoshop template for you!

You’ll Need:

- Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
- 4 Photos (Either from your camera or Instagram)
- This Photostrip Template (Click to Download)

Here’s What You Do:

1.  Open the template and your 4 photos in Photoshop.

2.  Drag one of the photos into the template open on Photoshop. Then go to the ‘Layers’ toolbar on the left hand side and find the layer for the image you just dropped into the template. Drag the photo layer so it’s positioned below the layer that says ‘Place Image Below This Layer’ and above the layer labeled ‘Picture 1′.

3.  Next, resize your photo to fit the template frame. Do this by pressing ‘Command’ and ‘t’ at the same time. Once the resizing frame pops up, hold down the ‘shift’ key and drag the corner of the photo to fit.

4.  Repeat this process with your other 3 photos.

Print on photo paper, trim and you’re done!!

// under the boardwalk

it’s here, it’s here!!  the new pop-up shop just opened…we’re all heading to coney island for this one for lots of ‘under the boardwalk’ fun!  as a lot of you know, i’m a summer gal at heart (i’m already starting to dread winter coming!) and what better place for summertime fun than the boardwalk!  (or under the boardwalk, wink wink)

i know it’s not a boardwalk, but summer always reminds me of my days spent at cedar point.  riding roller coasters, eating foods on sticks, playing silly carnival games and if you’ve ever been to cedar point then you know…you’ve got to make candles in frontier land!

so the ‘under the boardwalk’ online shop is meant to remind us of all those fun summer days.  i’m so excited for you all to meet the artists we’ve got in the pop-up shop!! (we even have some vintage, retro cool items, oh yeah)

maddy from mad hearts photography was sweet enough to spend the day at coney island and get all these AWESOME photos for me to use in the shop.  (more to come on maddy!!)

lots to come in the next 2 months!!  giveaways, games, downloads & just plain ole summertime inspiration!  now i’m off to find some funnel cakes…

(psst…i’m leaving tomorrow for portland!!  marcus and i are taking a well needed vacation and i’ll also be going to the “best name for a conference ever” world domination summit.  i’m sure i’ll have lots of cool advice to share with you guys – but don’t worry, no plans to take over the world – yet :)


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