{osr’s in anthology!!}

anthology magazine

so last year when i heard the news that there was going to be a new print design magazine called anthology, i think i actually squealed with delight.  i first made sure that i didn’t read it wrong – that it was print.  after the demise of so many of my faves, it was so great to hear that there was going to be an actual magazine (design related, no less) that you could hold in your hands.  i swear, it’s like getting an awesome coffee table book every couple of months!!

so imagine the squeal i let loose when i found out that anthology wanted to have my store in their summer issue (think birds flying away upon hearing my scream – you know how they do that in comedies?)  i’m completely thrilled to be a part of this issue! get yourself a copy (anthropologie carries them) – tons of goodness in it!  here are some of my fave parts…

anthology magazineanthology magazineanthology magazine

{the happy life}

cool modern home accessories

i’m absolutely obsessed with this book titled “elements of happiness” designed by laura javier. never has an accountant and math teacher seemed so utterly cool!!  if you get a chance, flip through the book, it’s worth it!

in her words…

“in this book, i’ve taken 10 representative case studies and visualized their salient character traits, personal timeline, social supports, and physical health to draw conclusions about “the happy life.”

cool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessories

[laura javier found via miss moss]

{n.e.e.t. magazine features OSR!}

cool modern gifts

it’s friday and i’m back!  i’ve been a bit MIA here on the blog this week but i promise it’s all with good reason. (and the fact that the french open is on this week…and it’s been rockin’!  i knew there was something to this “working from home” thing!)

but honestly i’ve been hard at work getting june’s theme ready for the store site (did ya check it out yet?), ordering new items for the store and coming up with some great ideas for the blog.  i’ll be honest…i’ve been trying to figure out what the blog should be about.  and then i realized that what i love about blogging is just getting a chance to share with you guys and connect.  i want the blog to feel like a place to explore and discover new things.  so let’s just say i got some stuff up my sleeves…stay tuned!

and to put icing on the top of this week…OSR was featured in the latest issue of n.e.e.t. magazine!!  yes, i’m doing a happy dance over here…for real!  check it out – page 11!

have a wonderful weekend!!  check back next week for some outtakes from june’s photo shoot!cool modern gifts

{paper runway}

cool modern gifts

so i admit it – i’ve got a thing for magazines.  i know i’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating – i can’t get enough of ‘em! i subscribe to a ridiculous amount and get giddy as a schoolgirl when i get my new issues in the mail.  so combining love of snail mail and all things paper…into a magazine?  uh oh, think i’m in love!

i received an email from nikki, one of the editors and founders of paper runway, a new quarterly magazine dedicated to all things paper-y and immediately got sucked in (it helps that they’re in australia – you know i’ve got a soft spot for anything aussie!!)   i love how they describe how the magazine actually got started:

“it began with virtual cups of coffee, glasses of wine, long nights, early mornings, grabbing a quick chat in between day time naps and school pick ups; and so paper runway was born. paper is understated yet regal, plain but not boring, humble and necessary. what’s not to love?”

agreed!  how about you – what are some of your fave new magazines?

modern paper goods

{a bit of randomness}

ivy and piper magazine

there’s no rhyme or reason to today’s post – just some things i’ve come across that i had to share.  and a bit of blog housekeeping – let’s get that out of the way first!  i just fixed my feed so hopefully you should be receiving posts again in your reader.  i’ve also added “follow me” buttons for twitter, facebook & readers (over to the right)…hope you’ll click and follow!  (you know how i feel about this tech stuff – let’s just say this took way too long to get this all done so have pity on me – follow! :)

ok, on to the good stuff.  some things on my radar…

ivy and piper magazineivy and piper magazine

1) there’s a new magazine named after me!  ok, so it’s not specifically named after me but it does have my name in it.  that doesn’t happen every day (unless your name is oprah)

2) i’m sharing gift ideas over at belly’s button today – i’m a complete sucker for gift guides!!

3) was just at anthropologie the other day – these just made my wishlist!!

anything on your radar these days?

anthropologie bath towelanthropologie candle

{pure green living magazine…+ me!!}

pure green living magazine

have you guys checked out the new ezine pure green living? the 2nd issue is now online and is chock full of gorgeous interiors and cool ideas…and okay i have to gush a bit…i’m in it!! i was so thrilled to be included in the issue – you can find me on page 113! celine from pure green design started the magazine and also runs the cool eco-living online store sustain.

i have to say i’m loving all these ezines – so many to check out – i can’t wait to grab a glass of wine and dig in!

rue mag - yep, just like everyone else i’m chomping at the bit to see the first issue!!
anthology mag – a new PRINT mag!!! that’s right – PRINT!
la petite mag – so adorable!
standard mag – cool, green living mag
lonny mag - new issue is out!! and did you see this post on the neo traditionalist site? lonny is available in PRINT now!! ordering my copy today!
pure green living magazinepure green living magazinepure green living magazine

[images above via pure green living]

{gorgeous styling by jason grant}

when we were in australia last year, i made the mistake of falling in love with one of their magazines, real living (i’m sure you’ve noticed that i seem to mention it every other post or so!).  turns out it’s quite pricey to have it sent over here – but i finally treated myself splurged and got a subscription – and now i’m like a little kid anxiously waiting for santa claus to drop down my chimney every month with my new issue!! 

and lo and behold, i’ve come across yet another talented stylist for me to want to trade places with (grin).  jason grant creates such beautiful spaces – full of color and inspiration – pretty much all the pages i end up bookmarking are ones he styled!  (make sure to check out his website – lots more images)

[images above via jason grant & real living]

{beautiful + modern floral arrangements}


how’s your week going?  we’re almost at friday (yay!).  so, did i ever tell you that one of my dreams (and it’s exactly that – just a nice, lovely fantasy) is to have fresh flowers in my home every week.  actually, if i’m really dreaming here…it’s to have fresh flowers in every room of my house!  until then, i can make do with occasionally having fresh flowers and obsessing over beautiful, modern floral arrangements like these from the german magazine wohn idee.  warning though – you may spend hours (like i did…yikes!) searching through all the lovely pictures!


[images above via wohn idee]

{inspired by boligliv}


there’s so much i’m loving about this house…the soothing blue/white palette, the beyond cool entryway (love the mirror!!), and my favorite…the tree in the dining room!  think they’d let me move in with them? 

the images are from denmark’s magazine boligliv.  lots of great design to look at…i just wish i could read it!  does anyone happen to know if you can actually get a subscription to this in the u.s.?

{taking the leap with…stephanie from n.e.e.t magazine}


i was thrilled that stephanie, the editor and founder of n.e.e.t. magazine, agreed to take part in the “taking the leap” interview series.  i came across the magazine last year…and have been obsessed ever since.  (i literally spent hours that day browsing through all the back issues!).  it’s always chock full of beautiful items, cool designs and great features like their diy tutorials.  plus, it’s pure eye candy – i love the styling – and you can click right on the page to pull up the shop to buy what you see!

and to keep gushing…did i mention it’s free?  how cool is that?! 

so, i couldn’t wait to hear her advice and how she got started…and now i’m even more amazed by her!  not only does she run the magazine, but she also does web design work and she’s committed to getting people interested in independent design.  (btw, love her answer to her perfect day…don’t you want to join her?!) 

can you share a bit about yourself…what’s your background?  how did you get started?

N.E.E.T. came about in 2005 as an online publication dedicated to showcasing independent talent – design, art, and general fantastic originality. N.E.E.T. is the first of its kind, online, free and packed with everyone from a crafter creating from their kitchen table, to a fashion design graduate straight out of college, to a team of people doing it for the love of it.  i hope and feel that i have in some way brought independent creativity to those who may not have had a prior interest in it.  i think that as long as there are people who create without needing (or wanting) the backing of a multi-million pound corporation (and there have been people doing just that since the beginning of time) there will always be an interest in things like N.E.E.T.!  N.E.E.T. magazine is an eco-friendly, grassroots style bible for the digital age. 

N.E.E.T. is so-called because it’s actually a UK government classification meaning “Not Engaged in Employment, Education or Training” – which I wasn’t when i started the magazine – i’d dropped out of art school, and was generally discouraged with life and art, so took the time out and started N.E.E.T.  the term ‘NEET’ has a somewhat derogatory meaning, referring to young people who aren’t employed or doing anything really worthwhile - i took the term and gave it to the magazine to show that there are many people who are self-employed, or doing many different things – not just working in one career or in an office. 

where do you get your inspiration from?

the internet is an endless source of inspiration – it enables people from all over the world to communicate and display their fashion and art. blogs – my favourites are those which incorporate fashion, design, photography and personal style. on a more ~whimsical~ note: the seasons, pattern, colour and music. 

i’m always fascinated by those who are able to take the leap…what hurdles, if any, did you have to overcome?  are you able to pursue your dream full-time?

yes, i run N.E.E.T. fulltime, along with my webdesign work over at design by stephanie j.  it can be hard to stay committed when you’re self-employed, but few other jobs would give me the freedom N.E.E.T. affords me, or allow me to be as creative and in control. 

can you give us an idea of what a typical day is like for you?

blogging on the N.E.E.T. blog, answering emails, organising advertising, or working on the next issue of the magazine. 

creating and running a small business can be time consuming, can you share how you manage to balance home/work life?  

i work to my own schedule, which is mainly good! i’m not a morning person, i’m often nocturnal, so i can work when i feel inspired. i live with my boyfriend, so he’s always there, and i can take time off when and if i need it. 

what one piece of advice can you share with other aspiring biz owners…and artists trying to get noticed?

the best piece of advice is to do what you love, and what you’re good at. when you’re at school, it’s no coicidence you’re better at the subjects you enjoy, and if you can incorporate that into your work, then you’re more likely to succeed. on the practical side of things (and this is a bugbear of mine!!) – your shop or site is the first port of call when potential buyers/magazine editors/bloggers see you. put time and care into showcasing yourself, and it will pay off. 

just for fun…what’s your idea of a perfect day? 

hot sun, sitting in a pub garden with my friends, and having nothing to do except laugh! 

most glamorous part of running a business/creating a magazine?

it’s not as glamorous as you might think!  i’m hardly anna wintour. but the creativity of the magazine is what makes it worthwhile. 

least glamorous? 

sitting in my pyjamas at 3am finishing an issue! 

what are some of your favorite blogs or shops/websites? 

my favorite blogs include:   creature comfortsheysusybleubird vintage

shops and websites:   pixie market / pret a portobello / fred flare

any guilty pleasures?

shoes and lager! 

thanks stephanie for stopping by one sydney road and sharing with us! 

you can find stephanie here:  neet magazine/ blog / design by stephanie j

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