// where’s the beef?

so i may not have actually been to paris…but i do have 4 years of french class under my belt!  i know, it’s impressive, isn’t it?  what’s even more impressive?  how little i’ve actually retained from french class!  and sadly one of the few things i remember clearly is how to say “where’s the beef?”  why do i even know this?  because that commercial for wendy’s happened to be popular and my teacher taught it to us the first day as a way, i’m sure, to keep everyone interested.  well, wouldn’t you know it – it stuck!  (and please tell me some of you know this commercial!!)

so the joke has become that when i do visit paris, one of the only things i’ll be asking is “ou est le boeuf?” – and i don’t even eat red meat!!

[hee hee, the first image is my interpretation of the lady from the wendy's commercial!]

{words to save by…}

cool modern gifts

ok, this gave me a good laugh this morning!

[image above via we heart it]

{chuckle out loud…signs}


i wanted to share some of the pictures of signs we took while in australia.  the only really funny one is the one above…we just couldn’t stop laughing over it!  the guy in that car is having one doozy of a day…i mean, how would the lines even get like that??! 

all of these photos (except the bottom one) were taken on kangaroo island in australia and i seriously can’t gush enough about it.  it’s absolutely gorgeous and lush and teeming with all sorts of wildlife because no predators have ever been introduced to the island.   sea lions, kangaroos, fur seals, koalas, penguins - amazing!  (it was my first spotting of a koala in the wild and trust me, i had been looking!! i was determined to see one in the wild – it made my year, i swear!). 

it was so fun coming across those differences – like seeing a kangaroo sign (we stopped to take the photo and i know, this sounds like i’m making it up, but i swear…a kangaroo hopped on by right before we snapped the pic!  of course, we missed getting the photo…they’re fast!)


this is a beach report sign from palm cove, australia – notice the “please slip, slop, slap”  love it!!  (i think it was for slip on a hat, slop on sunscreen…but i don’t remember what slap was for…does anyone know?)


[images above:  piper toth]

{chuckle out loud…cool notepad}

i think i need to get these cool notepads for my hubby.  his current method for reminding himself of things?  writing it on his hand.  and if that doesn’t work, he’ll write it down on a ripped off piece of paper that ends up in our junk drawer with me asking him months later “does the name so & so mean anything to you?”…to which i almost always receive the same response ”who?  i have no idea who that is, you can throw that away”.  just one of the millions of reasons why i love him! 

and now here’s your reminder for tomorrow…

you guys get to come up with the idea for something fun or spontaneous or creative that i can do this weekend to shake it up!!

i’ll be looking forward to seeing your ideas on tomorrow’s post!!

[images above:  friendly reminder notepads from monkey mind design]

{chuckle out loud…superbomba}

hi friends! it has been a crazy few weeks for me, i feel like i haven’t had a chance to breathe! not to mention i had one of those weeks at work that just sucked out all my energy and creativity. the kind where i felt at any moment i was going to get up and walk out. not that i’d be heartbroken but our checking account sure would be! looking on the bright side, it’s pushing me to work harder on my online store…hopefully more to follow on that!

how is your week going? any plans yet for the weekend? my hubby and i are taking a much needed break and playing hooky tomorrow…woo hoo!! (although does it really count as “playing hooky” if it’s a planned day off?).  no worries though, i’ll make sure to announce the giveaway winner tomorrow morning before we’re off for the day!

phew, now that i caught you up, let’s get our chuckle on! i don’t know if you came across this post on sfgirlbybay a few weeks ago, but i had to share superbomba’s photos because i love the vintage images plus they’re hilarious…even her flickr name is!!  take a sec to check out her stuff…i swear, you’ll be smiling in no time!

[images above via:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/superbomba/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

{chuckle out loud…april fool’s}


i came across this hilarious ira glass pillow by big stone head (sold at little otsu) on the blog mixed plate (thanks liana!).   not only is the pillow pretty funny, but inside each pillow is a different fact about npr’s this american life host.  wouldn’t that drive you nuts?  i know i’d be chomping at the bit to get inside – it’s like getting a decoder ring from the bottom of a cracker jack box – i wouldn’t be able to wait!

even funnier, every year on april fool’s day, npr inserts a false story into their programming.  if you’re not paying attention to the day, you could be taken in…like my hubby was when they announced they were converting all of america’s music to one, indestructible format – the 78 rpm record.  this way, in case of any apocolyptic event, we’d still have access to listen to all of our music…even if we have to play it with a safety pin.  cool, huh??! 

yeah, so not true.  but my hubby, who’s huge into music, fell for it and proceeded to tell everyone about it.  poor thing.  click here for the story they broadcast!

{chuckle out loud…knock knock}


thanks everyone for your supportive and helpful comments yesterday - you guys always have such great things to say so i want to say it’s appreciated!!

they actually couldn’t have come at a better time because i just had one of those “2 glasses of wine after work” day yesterday.  so, i thinking i’m in need of these office supplies!!  check out knock knock’s website – they have so many fun office supplies that will make you laugh.  i really need to get those file folders (grin)…can you imagine bringing those into a meeting?!

oh, and i wanted to say that if you come across any funny things - send them my way.  i love getting email – and it’s even better when it’s funny (grin)! 

[images above, clockwise from left:  crap file folderspoopy task clipsjust thought you should know sticky notes]

{chuckle out loud…goat cards}

besides all my other obsessions, i have a serious girl crush on tina fey…she’s brilliantly funny, right?!  you can put her on my “can i be her when i grow up” list.  so, i found these cards from goat cards yesterday that use 30 rock quotes which completely made me laugh out loud at work.  oops.  now my workmate wants to know what’s so funny – luckily he’s a partner in crime (i.e., being on the interweb).  so, i forwarded it to him and he discovered they had spot-on cards for those of us stuck in a dreary office.  needless to say, we didn’t get much work done yesterday afternoon!  all of that just to let you know these cards are hilarious!

[images above via goat cards.  click on pictures for more info]

{chuckle out loud…meg wachter}


can you imagine being the brave souls who had various things dumped on them?  it completely makes for some funny photos though!  brooklyn-based photographer meg wachter took these photos as part of her dumped! series.=  it reminds me of that kid’s game show where they dumped green goo on people…i’m trying to remember, was it double dare? 

my fave is the spaghetti o’s photo…his face is priceless!!  she also has a book titled “dumped!” that has the full series of photos…wouldn’t it make a great break-up gift (grin). 

[images above via fox social etsy shop, clockwise from top left:  shira (cereal + milk)yasmin (pepto bismal);   lesley (tomato paste)corey (spagetti o's)]

{chuckle out loud}

oh, i wish i could be this creative and funny!!  sam, from the lovely blog good measure, posted about this packaging design last week and it completely made me laugh, so i thought i’d share it with you.  jim smith, the designer behind waldo pancake, designed this hilarious packaging for uk-based coffee chain puccino’s.  i got the biggest kick out of the “stupid little biscuit”…i want those as party favors!

check out all his designs here.

[images above from waldo pancake's photostream puccino's coffee shop chain via flickr]

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