{aus to us…season’s change!}

morning everyone!  kellie from 74 lime lane is here today for our monthly collaboration – this month is fun because we get a peek at the different seasons our countries are in right now!  you can check out my summer inspiration over at 74 lime lane today!  


Hi everyone, Kellie here from 74 Lime Lane, where we are shivering at the other end of earth with chilly foggy mornings and snow on the mountains.

Although I can’t complain, I’ll take winter over summer any year, I love the crisp, cool days when the sun actually comes out but I also love rainy days where you have an excuse just to say inside and watch movies, I love warming cups of tea and hearty stews, I love scarves and snuggly blankets.

These are a few things I love this winter: my scarf from uimi; cooking hearty winter fare in cookware like this; enjoying winter photography like that of Jennifer Squires; drinking cups of delectable teas from joie de tea; and I need a new umbrella for the rainy days like one from gina and may.

thanks kellie for putting together such a beautiful & soothing collection!   we’ll see you next month!

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