// what’s your favorite flavor?

so today’s post is inspired by the adorably cool ice cream spoons from sucre shop!  make sure to read about brooke and check out her other spoons – her colorful, fun designs seriously make me want to have an ice cream party every week!  (and really who says i can’t?? :)

this is also the perfect time to share some paris stories that you guys have shared with me.  it was funny to see that a lot of the stories revolved around trips to berthillon!!

cathy from fiscally chic shared one with me.  she said that one of the places she insisted on visiting in paris was berthillon – she wanted to try out this world famous ice cream!  while she & her mom enjoyed their yummy raspberry (framboise) & chocolate (chocolat) ice cream respectively, her sister was more adventurous.  and the result??

“We for sure remembered my sister’s order!  My sister ordered the black currant (cassis), and wasn’t expecting such a strong flavor. I think all of the flavors are probably good, people just need to be warned that they’re very intense, and maybe not sugary sweet like in the States!”

that’s so true, isn’t it?  marcus & i had similar experiences with food in australia – different countries, different tastes!  she wrote a great post here about her visit to paris – lots of great photos to check out!

so back to my question…what’s your favorite flavor??  (if i HAD to choose…i’d go with any ice cream that had chocolate & peanut butter!)

menu of ice cream flavors from berthillon // world famous berthillon

[photos above:  berthillon by lillian chang;  ice cream in cups from berthillon by lillian chang; berthillon by cathy derus]

// window shopping paris

meet the pop-up shopkeep time!!  it’s blaire from the vitrine and get this…she lives in paris!  you can read all about her here.  and speaking of window shopping…you don’t even need to leave home to shop paris – her shop, the vitrine, is full of the coolest in french design (including one of my favorite tea towel designers…la cerise sur le gateau.  the polka dot red shoe tea towel is on my must-buy-now list!!  and currently featured in paris shop 1)

paris window shopping:    merci // paris’s most famous flea market – marche aux puces st-ouen de clignancourt //  image by david.nikonvscanon - list of paris bakeries via paris by mouth // image by mamave –  saint germain shopping via paris perfect  //  photo of paris “rue” by lillian chang photography

{step away from the computer…}

i get to step away from the computer today because guess where i am??  TEDX cleveland!!  i can’t wait to share with you all how it was – i’m assuming i’ll come home ready to take on the world – or at the very least, inspired :)  i’ll fill you in next week!

if you get a chance, check out these links:

// thanks to papernstitch i have yet more typography quote prints to obsess over!!

// when life hands you a sh*t sandwich via marie forleo (i think we’ve all been there!)

// elie over at punctuation mark was sweet enough to invite me to be a part of her interview series.  you can read my interview here – and find out why i have clotheslines hanging in my office!

// i’m sharing my tips & ideas over at vianza for creative newsletters to send out to your mailing lists.  i would love to know what ideas you all have!

happy friday!!!

[image above:  la farme letterpress studio]

{and we’re home!}

happy friday everyone!  can you believe that next weekend is christmas??  i’ve been a busy bee playing santa and shipping out lots of boxes & gifts – the only downside to this is that i’m pretty sure i’ve wasted about 2/3 of my life waiting in line at the post office. (and i know, i know, i need to get the post office to come to my house – apparently they’ll do that!)

i can’t help but be super excited about this week’s city guide.  marcus & i were laughing that there’s something anti-climatic about ending the 60 days of wanderlust tour in cleveland (i mean, come on, who wouldn’t schedule a trip to london, cape town and the cleve!! :)  but honestly cleveland’s got some cool – and those of us that live here are unabashedly die hard clevelanders – we love our city!

so to have brian from grey cardigan & charity from i heart cleveland sharing their fave spots in our hometown is a treat!  grey cardigan is one my favorite artists out there – his work just fits me!  it’s witty, colorful & dapper!   and then charity writes THE blog to go to for all things cleveland – she shows all the amazing things cleveland has to offer!  and i just adore the line of cards her studio chartreuse just released…check ‘em out here!

make sure to check out their guides – i think you’ll be surprised!  and i thought i’d add in with a few of my local gift picks including modern pixie jewelry <3<3!! (marcus got me a necklace from her last year for my birthday – i’m a fan!!)

next week, i’ll share my own fave spots in cleveland!  have a wonderful weekend everyone – enjoy all the holiday festivities!

[images above:  grey cardigan prints;  chartreuse underground cards;  modern pixie jewelry;  lilly's chocolates;  great lakes brewing co;  native cleveland]

{new goodies & lots of gift ideas!}

happy friday everyone!!  is december flying by or what??   i don’t know about you, but i’m just getting started on gift shopping (although, i have to admit, it does make it fun & easy to just shop my shop!)  how about you…are you just getting started too or have you finished shopping?  and go ahead make me envious…do you have your decorations up already?  (we’re getting our tree this weekend – yay!)
so santa has been busy dropping off lots of new items to the shop!  i thought i’d share with you what i’m thinking of giving this year…gift for mom-in-law?  check!  gift for best friend?  check!  gifts for friends?  check!  hostess gifts?  check! stocking stuffers?  check!

make sure to follow along on facebook for lots of holiday tips & tricks! (and chances to win gift cards to OSR :)

{rue magazine mention & update}

wine label tote bag

christmas came early for me – what a treat to see the wine label tote bag in the new rue magazine holiday issue!! (pg. 16)  i actually found out via a tweet from cailin of a white picket fence – gotta love social media, right?!  so it was a fun surprise!  and then whoo-ee…they quickly sold out!

but the good news is that i’m working with the artist to get them back in stock.  she should be sending them out to me on friday so i hope to have them back in stock by next week – hopefully in enough time for the holidays if you’re giving them for gifts!

in the meantime, i’ve got the matching print to the tote bag!  it’s a wine medley!

wine label tote bag

{gift guide round up}

happy friday!!  i’m still trying to get on board with the fact that it’s december…and there’s only 3 weeks left until christmas! are you guys just starting holiday shopping or have you finished?  i’m one of the “just starting” folks!  (and yes, every year i say that i’m going to shop early – never happens)

so i thought i’d compile a couple of my favorite gift guides out right now to help out with gift ideas. i stuck to ones that are in magazine form – but there are so many awesome gift ideas on blogs too – and i’ve said it before, i loves me a gift guide!!  (not sure why, maybe i’m related to santa claus :)

next week, i’ll have my own picks for gifts from my store & other places!  have a lovely december weekend!!

cool gift ideas

1.) anthology winter gift guide:  cool DIY ideas & decor, the yummiest-sounding fudge & beautifully curated gift ideas by person

2.) gifted mag:  designed by ez from creature comforts, it’s gorgeously curated (and filled with great gift ideas) was thrilled to be included!!

3.) in honor of design holiday gift guide:  curated & designed by anna, it’s got great DIY holiday projects & cool gift ideas.

4.) emily henderson’s holiday guide:  the gal behind secrets of a stylist created a chock-full-of-gifts gift guide – if you need tons of ideas, you’ll get it here!

{pop up shops}

cool modern home accessories

so the big question is…have you started your holiday shopping yet?  just like alot of people, i’ll be starting mine right after thanksgiving (i say, year after year, that i’m going to start early…and without fail, i’m always shopping last minute!  although it is a bit easier now that i have my own store!)

my friend shannon, owner of stash style,  invited me to a sneak peek of her pop up shop happening this weekend.  so i grabbed a few friends (the lovely sharon & michelle !) and we headed over on monday to shop early and see the early stages of set up! shannon is so creative and always styles her pop up shops to make them feel warm, inviting & a bit like a treasure hunt!

so if you happen to be in the cleveland area, make sure to stop by her shop this weekend (fri-sun).  to make things even more fun, she hooked up with cosmic collectibles and they’re offering a fun deal!  if you bring a receipt from one store, you can get 20% off the other one!!

get address, hours & details here!

cool modern home accessoriesmodern vintage interior design

{just unpacked!}

cool modern home accessories

i’m literally jumping up & down, squeaking with joy over these makeup bags & sachets!!  i worked with carol at yorktown road to have these created specially for one sydney road!!  i was on yorktown’s facebook page a month or so ago and noticed that she had created some striped bags.  well, if its got stripes, then i’m all over ‘em!!  so i contacted carol to see if i could have makeup bags & sachets created in a stripe pattern and i even got to pick out the colors!  (notice the yellow & grey OSR color scheme in the makeup bag??  yeppers, i’m keeping one of those!!)

this is my first time working with a designer to have something created for me and i couldn’t be happier!!  hope you guys love them as much as i do – because it’s not a problem for me to keep them all :)

they’ll be on the store site shortly!!

cool modern home accessories

{fave things this week}

happy friday – woo hoo!!  i don’t know about you, but i’m still in shock that next week is thanksgiving…wasn’t it just summer?did i miss fall?  while i’m busy trying to figure out the mystery of the missing fall, here are a few things that i wanted to share with you that had me smiling this week!  what made you smile this week?

[above from left to right:  splendid willow avenue;  fiscally chic shop;  shanna murray decal used by fiscally chic - see photos here; my thoughts on gift giving over at unstitched;  OSR's gold bowls were bonbonrosegirls deal of the day;  60 days of wanderlust heads to melbourne!]

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