{design crush – m. design interiors inc}


i love how molly luetkemeyer, the designer behind m. design interiors, is not afraid to mix colors and patterns together.  she ends up creating these vibrant, glamorous rooms that just draw me in.  i can just close my eyes and imagine myself living in her rooms (too stalkerish?!).     

i’ve been feeling the need to put up some vibrant wallpaper or paint a room a bright color (i keep saying this…note to self: do it already!).  so, her designs are giving me loads of inspiration!!  i love the above picture with the wallpaper on the ceiling…that looks amazing. although i’m thinking that wallpapering a ceiling has got to be pretty hard to do!

{design crush – donna griffith}


i came across the work of photographer donna griffith in february’s issue of canadian house and home.  i think i’m drawn to how she views color and composition…each room she photographs feels completely liveable and looks stunning.  the rooms are beautiful but i love how her photography brings them to life. (by the way, i love that headboard…such great colors!)

[images above via donna griffith photography and canadian house and home]

{design crush – finola inger}


i keep being drawn to the work of interior stylists…like i’ve said before, to me, it seems like such a dream job.  it’s one of those jobs that i wish i would have known about when i was little - who knew you could actually style things for a living! 

which leads me to stylist finola inger…sigh…can i be her when i grow up??  the rooms and images she creates are so gorgeous, vibrant and modern yet completely soothing. 

check out her portfolio for more of her stunning images.  


[images above via finolainger.com / photography by adrian briscoe]

{design crush – clair wayman}


i’ve always thought one of the coolest jobs is a stylist for a magazine (interior design styling, of course!).  they get to set the mood, arrange objects and best of all, work with inspiring people and locations.  one of my current design crushes is on clair wayman and her creative and gorgeous styling as witnessed in one of my new favorite magazines, real living.  and check out her website – it’s full of beautiful interiors to ooh and ahh over!

pic 2pic 3pic 5

[images above courtesy of http://www.clairoliviawayman.com/index.htm]

{design crush – ella doran}


i can’t get enough of uber-talented ella doran’s work.  her innovative use of modern photographs on everyday objects such as coasters, pillows and blinds create such interesting and gorgeous statement pieces that are also quite usable - and are quickly becoming my obsession!  i especially would love any of her bespoke roller blinds.

[images above from top via elladoran.co.uk:  georgia roller blind;  palm leaves roller blindgraffiti door roller blindgeorgia + tulip cushionsallsorts china mugsstacks + stripes large tray]

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