{i was going to get you this…}

happy valentine’s day!!  i’ll let you in on a joke between marcus and i…when it comes to valentine’s day or other hallmark-y (is that a word??) holidays, we just like to do a date night rather than do gifts & cards.  so we came up with our own way to exchange gifts.

here’s how to join in the valentine’s day fun:

step 1:  locate card at store

step 2:  grab you’re loved one and show them card (or gift) while saying “i was going to get you this card”

step 3:  loved one escalates by finding even sillier, gushier or just plain ridiculous card…

step 4: repeat until they kick you out of target for boisterous laughter

it becomes a silly, fun and strangely romantic way to spend valentine’s (and not spend money!)

although, i have to say that i think all these would be cool (and more important…easy!) last minute valentine’s day gift ideas!  or you can go for the “girlfriend of the year” title and do something fantastically sweet, romantic and cool like lillian from unstitched did for her guy!   (he’s a lucky guy!!)

[image credits above:  1) origami heart note via eat drink chic;  2) hot chocolate & marshmallows via martha stewart;  3) heart shaped tea tag via martha stewart; 4) free valentine's day printables via mooo;  5) candy hearts & flowers via kayden lane; 6) movie night gift via eat drink chic]

{and we’re home!}

happy friday everyone!  can you believe that next weekend is christmas??  i’ve been a busy bee playing santa and shipping out lots of boxes & gifts – the only downside to this is that i’m pretty sure i’ve wasted about 2/3 of my life waiting in line at the post office. (and i know, i know, i need to get the post office to come to my house – apparently they’ll do that!)

i can’t help but be super excited about this week’s city guide.  marcus & i were laughing that there’s something anti-climatic about ending the 60 days of wanderlust tour in cleveland (i mean, come on, who wouldn’t schedule a trip to london, cape town and the cleve!! :)  but honestly cleveland’s got some cool – and those of us that live here are unabashedly die hard clevelanders – we love our city!

so to have brian from grey cardigan & charity from i heart cleveland sharing their fave spots in our hometown is a treat!  grey cardigan is one my favorite artists out there – his work just fits me!  it’s witty, colorful & dapper!   and then charity writes THE blog to go to for all things cleveland – she shows all the amazing things cleveland has to offer!  and i just adore the line of cards her studio chartreuse just released…check ‘em out here!

make sure to check out their guides – i think you’ll be surprised!  and i thought i’d add in with a few of my local gift picks including modern pixie jewelry <3<3!! (marcus got me a necklace from her last year for my birthday – i’m a fan!!)

next week, i’ll share my own fave spots in cleveland!  have a wonderful weekend everyone – enjoy all the holiday festivities!

[images above:  grey cardigan prints;  chartreuse underground cards;  modern pixie jewelry;  lilly's chocolates;  great lakes brewing co;  native cleveland]

{new goodies & lots of gift ideas!}

happy friday everyone!!  is december flying by or what??   i don’t know about you, but i’m just getting started on gift shopping (although, i have to admit, it does make it fun & easy to just shop my shop!)  how about you…are you just getting started too or have you finished shopping?  and go ahead make me envious…do you have your decorations up already?  (we’re getting our tree this weekend – yay!)
so santa has been busy dropping off lots of new items to the shop!  i thought i’d share with you what i’m thinking of giving this year…gift for mom-in-law?  check!  gift for best friend?  check!  gifts for friends?  check!  hostess gifts?  check! stocking stuffers?  check!

make sure to follow along on facebook for lots of holiday tips & tricks! (and chances to win gift cards to OSR :)

{rue magazine mention & update}

wine label tote bag

christmas came early for me – what a treat to see the wine label tote bag in the new rue magazine holiday issue!! (pg. 16)  i actually found out via a tweet from cailin of a white picket fence – gotta love social media, right?!  so it was a fun surprise!  and then whoo-ee…they quickly sold out!

but the good news is that i’m working with the artist to get them back in stock.  she should be sending them out to me on friday so i hope to have them back in stock by next week – hopefully in enough time for the holidays if you’re giving them for gifts!

in the meantime, i’ve got the matching print to the tote bag!  it’s a wine medley!

wine label tote bag

{hint #5}

cool gift ideas

only 3 days left until the BIG holiday EVENT kicks off – i can’t wait for the reveal!!!  hope you all like it!

cool gift ideascool gift ideas

[images above:  fleck;  via katie mcdonough;  susannah tucker]

{mother’s day gift ideas}

cool modern gifts

is anyone else into gift guides as much as i am?  come christmas, i can’t wait to get all my december magazines to see what’s on everyone lists and check out all the gift guides.  then inevitably, i realize that it’s really me that i find gift ideas for since most of the people i buy gifts for aren’t into the same things as i am.  darn it.

mother’s day is bittersweet for me since my mom passed away a few years ago.  not only do i miss just spending the day with her, but i miss buying her gifts since she was one of my favorite people to shop for!  so i thought it would be nice to give you some gift ideas based on what i would get my mom (including my picks from my own store).  thanks mom for the inspiration!!

[images above, clockwise from top left:  striped scarf from echo;  bubble bath from tokyo milk;  mr nut pillow from one sydney road;  devour tea towel from one sydney road;  heart necklace from bittersweets ny;  navy boots from splendid willow avenue;  mum tote from one sydney road]

{12 days of christmas}

i’ve had a ball participating in aspiring splendor’s 12 days of christmas blogger gift exchange – bascially a secret santa gift exchange where 12 bloggers send gifts to one another that suit their personality based on their blog. um, getting gifts in the mail? sign me up!!

helena from a diary of lovely sent me this gorgeous string of pearls terrarium – i’ve already found the perfect spot for it! thank you helena – i couldn’t have asked for a lovelier gift!!

be sure to visit lauren at aspiring kennedy tomorrow to see what i picked out for her…

and be sure to follow along in the rest of our 12 days of christmas!!  visit aspiring splendor to see the lineup!

thanks to the amazing lauren and beth of aspiring splendor for organizing this fun blogger collaboration!!

{’twas the day of my birthday}

wow. thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday – nothing better than waking up to a flood of lovely messages on your birthday!! i need to figure out how to have those come in…on just a monday…for no reason. until then, i’ll take ‘em on my birthday!

we saw santaland diaries on friday with friends (i told you – my bday becomes a week long event!) after almost breaking a case of the highly coveted great lakes brewing co. christmas ale – long story – just know that stuff is like gold around here! i highly recommend seeing santaland – it’s our 2nd time and it’s just such a funny, entertaining story.

yesterday for my actual birthday day, hubby took me out to a yummy brunch and then out to the movies to see black swan.  in one word?  WOW.  ok, i need a few more words.  run, run, run to see this movie!   essentially it’s about a ballet dancer possibly unraveling – it’s dark, creepy and, yet, the dancing and cinematography are beautiful.

i had to share with you the gift my hubby got me.  it’s the best kind…handmade.  the kind that made me tear up because of the thought that went in to it and how beautiful it is.  he framed a succession of photos he took of our dog burnsey shaking – yeah, he gets bonus points for his gift this year!

and…we finally got it together and now have a fully decorated, gorgeous tree!  (if not the biggest tree ever  - i swear it seemed smaller at the tree lot!!)

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  only 5 days until christmas…

{gift wrapping + birthday time!}

confession time – i just started christmas shopping.  sadly this year i think i’m going to be one of those crazed shoppers on dec.24th that finds out everything is sold out.  (luckily i do most of my shopping online)  the good news is that it makes it much easier to shop when you have your own store!  (except for the guys in my life – why can’t they have tea towels and pillows on their wishlists??)

which brings me to my next point – color theme.  yes, i’m one of those people that likes to have a color theme for the tree and gift wrap (it’s the wannabe interior designer in me – or the crazy in me)  but it’s become a tradition – and i’d hate to disappoint all the people that ask “so what’s the color theme this year?”  thanks for asking – it’s green, white + brown :)

but i may have to rethink this whole theme idea because of all these fun, cool wrapping paper designs i keep coming across!  the cute and charming fox and beluga prints (shown below) are from brand new shop the nimbus factory – it’s comprised of 2 designers and 2 illustrators and then switch up the designer/illustrator pairings to keep things fresh.  cool!  and even cooler? 2 of these creative gals are from cleveland!!

so i must ask – do you decorate your tree with a theme or is it a free-for-all?

have a wonderful weekend – it’s my birthday this weekend (the 19th) so i’ll be celebrating – all weekend :) !!

cool holiday wrapping paper

[wrapping paper, clockwise from top left:  image 1 -  paper crave;  paper-source; whimsy press; caroline gardner;  image 2 - caroline gardner; the nimbus factory; paper-source; the nimbus factory]

{eat, drink and give a cool gift!}

cool typography gift

had to share this with you because it’s just too fun…wouldn’t this pairing make such a great gift??!

[jme mulled wine syrup from williams-sonoma + be merry print from one sydney road]

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