{i was going to get you this…}

happy valentine’s day!!  i’ll let you in on a joke between marcus and i…when it comes to valentine’s day or other hallmark-y (is that a word??) holidays, we just like to do a date night rather than do gifts & cards.  so we came up with our own way to exchange gifts.

here’s how to join in the valentine’s day fun:

step 1:  locate card at store

step 2:  grab you’re loved one and show them card (or gift) while saying “i was going to get you this card”

step 3:  loved one escalates by finding even sillier, gushier or just plain ridiculous card…

step 4: repeat until they kick you out of target for boisterous laughter

it becomes a silly, fun and strangely romantic way to spend valentine’s (and not spend money!)

although, i have to say that i think all these would be cool (and more important…easy!) last minute valentine’s day gift ideas!  or you can go for the “girlfriend of the year” title and do something fantastically sweet, romantic and cool like lillian from unstitched did for her guy!   (he’s a lucky guy!!)

[image credits above:  1) origami heart note via eat drink chic;  2) hot chocolate & marshmallows via martha stewart;  3) heart shaped tea tag via martha stewart; 4) free valentine's day printables via mooo;  5) candy hearts & flowers via kayden lane; 6) movie night gift via eat drink chic]

{petit parc}

cool modern home accessories

it really is a petit parc!  this is the patio at chartreuse, inc where the art show was held…it’s absolutely beautiful, the one comment heard over and over that night (yes, i said it too!)…”i wish my backyard looked like this”!

it was a beautiful evening – although a bit hot & humid (when i say “a bit”, i mean that from the moment we got there i was literally melting – so much for doing my hair that night!).  but i didn’t let that stop me from having a good time!  i’m already looking forward to next year’s show!

thanks to everyone who stopped by – great to see & meet ya!

the lovely artists that evening:
grey cardigan
renee froerer
erin illustrates

stash style
emily meluch
timothy logan

modern pixie

cool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessoriescool modern home accessories

{diy chalkboard tags}

diy chalkboard tags

this is one of those do it yourself projects that even someone like me can do.  i.e. someone with little to no patience can tackle this!  the idea for this actually came about because i wanted a cool way to label my magazine bins.  i was inspired by these baskets from an uber-organized designer who offered some organizational tips in o magazine.

diy chalkboard tagdiy chalkboard tag

ok, so my cheap-o magazine bins aren’t quite as nice but since it would cost a fortune to outfit all my magazines in fancy baskets, these will work just fine for now!  and the chalkboard tags uplift them from plain jane – a definite change from how they were – not labeled and i’d have to pull out each bin to find out what was in it – can anyone say inefficient?!

here’s how it’s done:

diy chalkboard tag

grab the above items (you’ll also need a paper cutter & hole punch).

i used this free tag template via scrapbook scrapbook.

it’s as simple as tracing the template onto the cardstock paper, cutting it out, hole punch the middle and put a reinforcement label on.  ta-da!  you’ve got your own chalkboard tag!

diy chalkboard tag

[images above, from top:  photos by me except for inspiration image - baskets w/tags photgraphed by william waldron via o magazine]

{find + seek…squares}


[cool etsy finds, images from left to right:  square owl by who made who;  black and creme overlapping squares pillow cover by nena von;  afghan blanket by atelierafra;  red window original fine art photograph by mitchy lee photos;  mod steps necklace in silver by peaches 4 me;  retro squares vinyl wall decal by loudmouth printhouse;  modern square with flower silhouette notecard by pixelimpress;  oatmeal and honey glycerin soap by bella fresca;  brazilian walnut coasters by knotty knotty;  large green squares bowl by luckalilly]

{found…felt + etsy}

[images above, from left to right:  kiwi + pine green felted bowl by knitting treasures;   teal + cognac felt coasters by fafnir;  back to the nature bowls by shkolnik;  elk spot grey cushion by olofsdaughter;    brown + avocado wallet by feltzetc;  garden ivy felt 12kt gold filled earrings by jcskyline;  striped wool felt table runner by inboundthread;  three toned purse by pepper and farley;  rusty wool felted flower brooch by stemellina;   felted merino wool + sterling silver earrings by wild woman jewelry]

{design your own jonathan adler items}

adler 9









as if i didn’t obsess over jonathan adler enough, now his website allows you to “unleash your inner adler” and customize your own pillows, tote bags + rugs.  it’s incredibly fun (and a time suck – i ended up playing “designer” for an hour!) to try out different color combinations.  
if only i could afford to get them all…i’ll just have to dream.

here are some of the items i designed…i would love to see what you create!

adler 1adler 3adler 11adler 5adler 6adler 12






{found…stripes + etsy}

[images above, left to right:  denim handbag by crazyboy;  circus stripes silk + cotton cushion by be still;  stripe zipper pouch by erickuo;  french stripes print by valerie galloway photography;  recycled sweater mittens by dear pony;  vintage european linen + cotton pillow cover by institchesdesigns;  crossing lake champlain ear dangles by fluur;  turquoise yellow + green hat by beaconknits]

{gingerbread houses}


i came across these adorable little handmade gingerbread + sugar cookie houses from baked ideas.  each house is only 2 inches and comes packaged ready to hang.  perfect for stocking stuffers! 

they have mini gingerbread houses + sugar-cookie hanukkah houses.



{found…navy blue + etsy}

[images above, left to right:  berry ring from the pebble collection;  blueberry cobbler handknit cable twist scarf from bombshell studios;  water lily pillow cover from kainkain;  blue evergreen set of six folded cards from red bird ink;  parking lot fields original limited edition screenprint from dwellinstyle;  central wharf earrings from adjewelry;  scarlet street tshirt from blackbird tees;  set sail limited edition silkscreen from alisha gould designs; indigo plume silk-lined clutch bag from red ruby rose;  little blue mary dress from madeline wood]

{hand knit accessories}

i guess if i have to live through winter, i might as well get some cozy + warm, hand knit accessories to cheer me up.  all items by ontario, canada based etsy seller, yarn over movement, are hand knit at the time of order.  

i’m not sure what i like better…the hand knit accessories or the cool, vintage-inspired yet modern, photos!  adding to the cool vibe, each hand knitted item is named after southern ontario cities. 

[image above: whitby checkerboard chunky cowl]  [images below:  cambridge drop stitch cowl;  elora chunky slouchy toque hat;  meaford extra-long moss cowl;  stratford pom-pom moss cowl; elora chunky slouch toque hat]

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