{backdoor brag}

modern textiels

any fans of 30 rock?  then you’ll know what i’m talking about when i say “backdoor brag”!  but i can’t help it – it’s exciting to see designers whose work i adore get recognized!  last week, apartment therapy named their  “10 women to watch:  textile designers” and how cool is this…one sydney road carries 4 out of the 10!!  that counts for some bragging, right?!  and also gives me a chance to showcase their work (wink, wink!)  get more info about each designer here.

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

modern textiles


holiday wishlists

phew, what a week!! the excitement i’m feeling is off the charts! have you had a chance to create your own wishlist on the store site yet? that’s always so fun, isn’t it? i thought i’d share some of my wishlist with you all!!  more to come… :)

do you guys keep wishlists? written or online? i have torn out sheets that i keep in a file plus online places like pinterest. all just for wishing and dreaming!

{etsy find + seek…creepy}

it’s funny how certain images can send shivers up your spine…just a simple white night dress can bring up images of lizzy borden.  and don’t even get me started on the creepiness of doll faces.

taken in a different setting some of these things may not have that creepy feeling…but combined…ooOOOOooooOOOOoooo!

[cool etsy finds, clockwise from top left:  marching ants belt buckle from tara gilchrist;  bed bug poison bottle from w.u.s.s.;  crows raven song music vintage style from gothicrow;  vintage 1950s lizzy bennet dressing gown from small earth vintage;  doorway through the viewfinder into the macabre photo from little put shop;  3 frozen charlotte heads from okiedokieartichoky]

{etsy find + seek…air mail}

don’t you love the allure of air mail – the thought of sending or receiving mail from far flung places.  although, given the choice, i’m pretty sure we’d all prefer to be sending it!  if you could go anywhere, where would you travel?  for me, it would be anywhere in europe (although i’d love to start with italy!)

[cool etsy finds, clockwise from top left:  japanese cotton linen fabric from felicity fabrics;  set of mail packets from ephemerapost;  vintage gummed labels from boston bag lady;  us mail air mail slot from old green canoe;  air mail japanese lunch bag from salt atelier;  vintage air mail bias from unique + shiny]

{find + seek…autumn}

as much as i say i don’t like fall, it really only has to do with the colder weather…i can’t help but love the colors of autumn.  seeing the leaves change color, snuggling under a cozy throw, carving pumpkins…just a few of my favorite fall activities.  this year i’d love to add apple picking to that list!

what are you looking forward to this autumn?

[cool etsy finds, clockwise from top left:  hydrangea, the umpossible photo from raceytay;  vintage 60's vera scarf from sassy sister vintage;  rustic candleholder trio from the bent tree gallery;  sugar maple leaf brooch from artisan handcrafted jewelry;  autumn print from little types]

{find + seek…back to school}


it’s hard for me to believe – but kids are going back to school!  some are already back.  before september??  that seems cruel – august is still summer – school shouldn’t be in session when the pools are still open!!  

i have to say that one of my fave things as a kid was going school supply shopping.  not sure what it was – maybe it was the possibilities they offered.  and of course finding the coolest folder!  how about you – what were your fave supplies?

[cool etsy finds, clockwise from top left:  recycled paper pencils from from soul;  preppy leather journal from peaseblossom studio;  suede leather messenger bag from kibber;  scissors print from virginia kraljevic;  three photo from hula70]

{find + seek…in the woods}


we’re going camping this weekend – finally.  i’m looking forward to escaping the city, hiking, playing games, getting my zen on in front of the fire and just getting lots of fresh air (oh and eating plenty of s’mores!!) nothing is better than sitting in front of the campfire and just talking…ooh and telling ghost stories (somehow ours always end up more silly than scary!) what are some of your favorite summer activities?

[cool etsy finds, images clockwise from top left:  i heart moss photo from ev photography;  birch wood vase from bragging bags;  moss garden under glass kit from miss mossy;  logs are the new diamonds ring from block party press;  moss photo from billy jean pollock;  play date note cards from monkey mind design]


what else can i say other than these are just about the cutest chocolates i’ve come across!!  aren’t they perfect for fall?  (and this is coming from someone who dreads fall because it means summer is over!)  

[images from top:  edible chocolate filled acorns & chocolate filled toadstools from andie's specialty sweets]

{find + seek…exclamation point!}


if you haven’t noticed already, i’ll just come out and say it…i’m a huge fan of exclamation points.  in fact, i always have to edit my use of them because i find that i could pretty much end every sentence i write with one.   i never thought much about it until i read the editor’s letter from real simple last month and she spoke about how she’s a fan and finds it energizing.   i couldn’t agree more!  i think it’s because i write the way i talk – and i’m pretty animated when i talk – so how best to get that across through writing?  lots of exclamation points!!  i mean what would you rather do?   ”clean the house” or “clean the house!”  i rest my case.

are you an exclamation point user?  or in my case, an over-user?! 

from the editor’s letter:   ”sometimes i think americans must have invented the exclamation mark-it’s their state of mind”.

[cool etsy finds, clockwise from top left:  small vintage wood type exclamation points from monki vintage;  mosaic tiles from jemmdee;  sterling silver necklace from linden leaf studio;  vintage glass nut dish from sosovintage;  monster exclamation print from bo & friends]

{find + seek…camping}


what’s on my mind lately?  a weekend getaway full of fresh air, campfires and, of course, lots & lots of s’mores (ever try making them with peanut butter cups?  i swear, you won’t go back).  sadly nothing is on the calendar…yet!

do you guys like camping?  and the big question…tent or cabin?

[cool etsy finds, clockwise from top left:  campfire tales photograph from brooke schmidt;  vintage pitcher & cup set in avocado green from riff raff review;  teal blue vintage dietz lantern from bird-in-hand;  white tent print from gretchenmist;  weekend getaway embroidery pattern from campfire chic;  sleeping on the ground tshirt from endo

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