{hint #7}

cool gift ideas

happy halloween!! here’s the last clue – and it’s a BIGGIE :) !!  let’s just say this whole event was inspired by the poster/movie/book!   tomorrow’s the big kickoff!!  make sure to check out all the fanfare & hoopla starting tomorrow – invites will be hitting your inbox bright & early!

here’s the round up of hints:


(and btw…when was the last time you heard this song!) enjoy this boo-tastic day! xo piper

[images above: poster for movie via imdb]

{hint #6}

cool gift ideas

only one more clue left!  hope you’re enjoying these teases – seriously can’t WAIT for the event to kick off!!

don’t forget (i know, this is my bazillionth time asking!) to sign up for your invite!

[image above:  of the fountain]

{hint #5}

cool gift ideas

only 3 days left until the BIG holiday EVENT kicks off – i can’t wait for the reveal!!!  hope you all like it!

cool gift ideascool gift ideas

[images above:  fleck;  via katie mcdonough;  susannah tucker]

{hint #3}

modern home accessories

go!  here’s hint #3!!  (can you tell i’m excited :)

psst…sign up for an invite to the event!!  invites have lots of goodies & will arrive in your inbox bright & early on 11/1!!

modern home accessories

[photos above:  sfgirlbybay; anyone know the source of this photo?;  via le monde est a nous net]

{music from his mind}

happy friday everyone!  just had to jump in here before i let marcus loose on you all and say that i can’t wait until next week!  new products to show you, new styling shots and, if i’m lucky, my desk will be painted and ready to be shown off (do you like my not so subtle hint to the hubby!)  have a wonderful weekend!

raconteurs consolers of the lonely

hubby here! (aka marcus)

every now and then there comes an album (yes, i said album.  it doesn’t have to mean vinyl!) that is pure magic.  its that album that you can listen to daily and not ever get sick of it.  your desert island album.  every time you listen to it, you hear new layers to the music.  or maybe you just found ten bucks in your pocket while you were listening to it.  whatever the reason, this album means something to you.  this for me (at least this decade) is consolers of the lonely by the raconteurs.

jack white and brendan benson.  wow.  i respect these two dudes so much musically.  brendan’s my pop guy.  jack’s always pushing the envelope.  put these two (and two other guys) together and you get the best band in ten years.  i always think the true test of a band is its ‘live’ factor… if they suck live, they suck.  period.  this video of the raconteurs’ song ‘old enough’  featuring ricky skaggs and ashley munroe is gold + genius, or to mash it up,  genius.  hehe.  check this out and haters beware…theres a bit o’ bluegrass to this version.

music this well played, orchestrated, produced, written, and presented is just so inspiring, which is really the whole reason for music, to me anyway.  what music/songs/albums are on your desert island list?  ttfn.  the hubby has spoken!

(piper here…does anyone know what the heck “ttfn” means??  he’s such a gamer!)

{music from his mind}

happy friday everyone!!  what an amazing week this has been – how long do i get to say “grand opening”!!  i’m not ready to lose that brand new, full of excitement feeling!  so for awhile now, i’ve been thinking that it would be fun to have my hubby put some playlists together – a way to share his hobby wealth of music knowledge.  after his eyes lit up at this idea, (i think i just unleashed a monster! hmm, does he have the password to the blog? :) i figured – why not have him write a post!  hope you enjoy his take!


this is marcus, aka “the hubby” and it looks like i got another promotion here at one sydney road…i think.  musicologist is a cool title and not at all made up…  since this job didn’t come with a job description, i’m going to access the’ ologist’ part of my title and drop some music knowledge.

you may have noticed the music theme running throughout the online boutique, and you might ask why?  piper and i have made music such a huge part of our life together, that it would almost seem blasphemous not to have something related to music here.

i’d like to use these posts to let you know what i’m listening to this week, introduce new stuff, or just to wax-poetic on all things music. the playlist this week is just a great collection of tunes i’m lovin’… enjoy!

1.  i can’t go for that          by: the bird and the bee

this whole album is a tribute to hall & oates and is awesome.  i first heard it down in miami on vacation and fell in love with it. who woulda thunk hall and oates could be so cool (besides me of course)

2.  happy meal            by: the cardigans

most people only know these guys for ’lovefool’ but they are truly great pop artists.  check out the album, life

3. a-punk                    by: vampire weekend

god bless ska and whatever wave of it we might be on…

4.iggy & angus          by: sloan

this canadian foursome is just an awesome rock band. i’m telling you, these canucks can play.  go see them sometime

5. playhouses              by: tv on the radio

these guys have been around for a while but they’re petty new to me.  i like the diversity on this record

6. vaporize                    by:broken bells

this is the beautiful mélange of the producer danger mouse, and the lead singer of the shins, james mercer.  the organ track in this song is tight!  and speaking of danger mouse…

7. el dorado sunrise (super chicken)             by: cee-lo green

gnarls barkley helped millions of middle-aged women seem cool but before teaming with the afore mentioned danger mouse, cee-lo green was a rapper extraordinaire.  this also has a killer organ track.

so, go to your favorite music-downloading site and check out this week’s playlist!  feedback is always welcome, but know in advance that i’m always right!

{new year’s eve music}

it’s no secret that i love music.  if i’m in a funk, nothing works better at cheering me up than slapping on some music (preferably some cool alt rock!).  but my husband takes it to another level… he’s like a walking trivia machine when it comes to music.  so i tasked him with creating a new year’s eve playlist.  (his first response was “well it depends on the type of get together – each playlist would be different” and then the second response “and everybody’s taste in music is subjective”)  ok, he’s got a point.  so this playlist is for those wanting to keep the party spirit going.  if you’re just chilling out at home, then just put on hotel costes vol. 1-5 and you’re set!

    new year’s eve playlist:

primitive – ambulance ltd
so whatcha want – beastie boys
the distance – cake
brother sister – brand new heavies
the rules – ben kweller
she moves in her own way – the kooks
check the rhime – tribe called quest
oxford comma – vampire weekend
omaha stylee – 311
today – smashing pumpkins
the underdog – spoon
brother down – sam roberts
girlfriend – matthew sweet
very best years – grays
when you gonna learn – jamiroquai
are you gonna go my way – jet
many shades of black – the raconteurs

[image above via john w golden on etsy]

{cool stylish music accessories}

music 1

along with getting my husband a ps3 for christmas, i splurged and got rock band 2 for him…well, okay, it was a gift to both of us since i had been itching to play again ever since our friends introduced us to the joy of playing fake guitar + drums! needless to say, it ended up being ridiculously fun to play christmas evening with our friends + family. 2 marathon rock band sessions later, and i’m completely hooked. this, btw, coming from someone who rarely (as in maybe once a year) plays video games. (my hubby is jumping up and down with barely contained glee that i’m actually playing a video game with him).

so since my head is swirling with visions of songs that i can download + play, it got me thinking about cool + stylish music accessories…ones for fun and ones that actually are used to listen to music.

also, stay tuned this week for an upcoming post on a great playlist for new year’s eve!

[image above, clockwise from top left:   panasonic rp-htx7 retro piano painted headphones;  vers classic ipod wood slipcaseola belle tote in golden brown/ivoryvw bus speakerltd edition old school turntable pendantltd edition dj crate digger pendantheadphone ring by darkcloud silverpolaroid transfer of "records in field"

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