meet the photographer…mad hearts

i’m back!!  ha, you may not have even noticed i was gone.  i had a bunch of things to wrap up & start up so my updates have been few & far between.  and i don’t know about you, but i have to soak up every bit of the last days of summer!  although we ended up hanging out with friends around the fire pit this weekend and i have to admit that that makes the colder weather more fun!  s’mores anyone?

so for all of you who have sent emails asking about the photography for the boardwalk shop…well, today you get to meet maddy from mad hearts photography!  i ‘met’ maddy a few years back from surprise, surprise, blogging!! at the time she was just thinking about opening her photography studio so it’s such a kick to see how far she’s come.   not only is her photography studio open now but she’s done shoots for pip & estella, shows and portraits that are drop dead gorgeous.  so i was thrilled that maddy was open for spending an afternoon at coney island to get the fantastic & cool photos that i used for the boardwalk shop.

make sure you check out her work & her blog…she talks openly about going pro and it’s a rare, honest look at what it’s like.  go maddy!!

find her:   //  mad hearts photography  //  mad hearts blog

4 thoughts on “meet the photographer…mad hearts

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  2. You introduced us–the first time I visited Maddy’s blog was for the photo walk! I tell ya, One Sydney Road is full of all sorts of fabulous! :)

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