// my brand story on braid!

hi all!  phew-ee, can you believe it’s almost october?  and so cold already??!  (this may not be true for those of you lucky enough to be in warmer climates – and btw, yes, to me, 60 degrees is cold! :)

so much to fill you in on!  new items are in the shop – i had the small gunns candles for the summer shows and it was so fun to watch people read the candles!  the top fave??  frolics naked!  hmmm…what does that say?!

i’ve been somewhat quiet over here – at least, in the online realm.  i’ve been furiously working behind the scenes to create guides & helpful tips & tools for all you product artists, Etsy shop owners & aspiring shopkeeps.  i really have discovered that my passion lies in helping others and i’ve been having an amazing time the past few months working with people on their shops.  this all came about after working with braid creative earlier this year.  they helped take all the thoughts & ideas jumbling around in my head, and make sense of them!  i’m glad to say that they’re just as cool & down to earth as they seem & quickly they became friends!

braid has got a feature on my brand story today on their blog – check it out!!

also…my latest vianza post is up…fall is here!

psst…i only have a couple slots left this quarter if you’re looking for help with your own shop.  before i relaunch, etc, i want to offer them up to you guys first at a discount because you all keep me going!!  and i want to help make your products SHINE!!!  email me:  [email protected]

3 thoughts on “// my brand story on braid!

  1. Just read the story over at Braid and really felt inspired by how you came to where you are today. Really cool to see the transition over the years!! Can’t wait for the relaunch :) I’ll be emailing you!

  2. It’s great to see you’ve found someone (Braid) to organize all those creative ideas running around in your head. I know you will succeed in your endeavors! Love you!

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