// my trip to nowhere

“how was alt?”  ”how did your panel go?”  ”did you enjoy salt lake city?”  these are the questions i keep getting.

so, i should be starting this post with how amazing / overstimulating / inspiring (insert any adjective here) alt was.  not to mention, how my panel went.  instead, i get to tell you all about my trip to nowhere and the lessons it taught me.

my trip to nowhere started innocently enough.  my 2nd flight on wednesday evening (from minneapolis to salt lake) was overbooked.  i ended up getting bumped & set up with a voucher for a plane ticket & a hotel room for the evening…minus luggage.  my luggage apparently got to go to salt lake with that flight.  just not me.

i’ve never had this happen before – getting bumped from a flight – so at first it was a little adventure.  (albeit a bit annoying to go to your hotel room, shower, & then change right back in to your travel clothes)  oh, and did i mention that i packed my phone charger in my luggage?  you know, the luggage heading to SLC.  yep, i did.

but no worries, i said to myself.  i get to have room service (mmm) and the flight in the morning leaves me plenty of time to get to SLC & to my panel on thursday.

cue thursday morning.  my panel day at alt.  i get to airport at 7am and the flight leaves on time around 9am.  it’s when we have only about an hour left in our flight that the captain announces that SLC airport is closed due to weather – and we’re being sent to rapid city, south dakota.  at this point, i think i exhaled a quiet ‘f**k!!’  but he says that hopefully we’ll be back in the air within an hour or so.

phew…i still can make my panel.  it’s close – razor thin close.  but it’s still a glimmering light.  we de-plane & look around for the food court / store (i wanted to get myself a phone charger).  i’m following the herd when 50 feet from the gate we’re in what appears to be their ‘food court’ – a small bar attached to a little deli.  huh.  could this be it?  and where are the stores??

turns out rapid city airport is teeny tiny.  as in, only 6 gates and one little store…and you guessed it, no phone chargers!  at this point, i realize it’s been over an hour & it’s now official.  i’m not going to make my panel for alt.  (insert various curse words!)

all that planning & preparing & just the excitement that comes from speaking.  gone.  then i got anxious for a second.  thinking, this is a disaster, will i miss out on everything from alt?  will i ever speak again?

but guess what?  it wasn’t a catastrophe.  it also wasn’t  in my control.  and it was a big FAT learning lesson.  i had just enough battery power left in my phone to send my apologies to my fellow panelists & to alt & then a final one to my hubby to say ‘i’m coming home’

so i left wednesday hoping for an exciting, inspiring trip to alt summit.  instead i got a round trip to nowhere & back but learned some valuable lessons!

/ shit happens – you gotta learn to roll with the punches especially when it’s out of your control.

/ it’s not a catastrophe.  i survived and my world didn’t crash down around me from missing alt & my panel.  in fact, i received some very sweet emails to make sure i was okay.

/ take advantage of extra time.  i was stuck all day thursday at the rapid city airport.  in my grimy day old clothes.  but i had all day to read & listen to music.  and i even met a new friend (see there’s always a silver lining!!)

xo piper

read about last year’s panel ‘from blog to shop’ here

6 thoughts on “// my trip to nowhere

  1. Yep! I won a ticket to Design Camp in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited. Then my husband had a last minute business trip during the time of the camp, and all my relatives had plans (of course all this was last minute) and there was no one to take care of my daughter. So I had to let everyone know I couldn’t make it. I felt awful but like you said – shit happens. I was sad, but life goes on!

  2. gosh girl. though you have an amazing attitude …. i really want to hug you tight. just because. because life is an ass sometimes. of course it goes on but still. *sigh*
    hope it will work out next year!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Ah, Jenny, that’s crazy something similar happened to you! So sorry to hear that – frustrating, right?? (and btw, so awesome to hear from you!!)

  4. LOU!!!! It feels like it’s been forever – great to hear from you! And thank you – I’ll take a virtual hug :)

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