// alt summit 2013!

phew-ee, i can’t believe it’s only a week until alt summit 2013!  and i’m thrilled to say that i’ll be back speaking on the panel ‘from blog to shop’ because you know it’s a topic near & dear to me!  this year, we’re doing an intermediate/advanced panel – i was excited to see that the the folks at alt took suggestions to heart & are now offering different levels.

also speaking on this panel are 3 super inspiring women who i’ve had the pleasure of chatting with & planning our panel.

/ janette from fashion loves people

/ mackenzie from design darling

/ beth from salvage life

we all come from somewhat different places with our online shops so every time we chat, we find that we’re learning from each other too!  can’t wait to see everyone!!

[image above from justin hackworth]

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