Make Your Shop Shine 1-on-1 sessions

Hello & Welcome to Make Your Shop Shine! 

If you’re an artist, designer, or online shop owner, looking for specific feedback on your own site, then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Make Your Shop Shine - a one-on-one strategy session designed to give you the personal attention you need to take your online shop from ho-hum to humming along!

When I first started creating what I thought would be an e-course, I started with one simple question - What would I have wanted from a course?  I realized the answer was a resounding FEEDBACK!  After asking other shop owners, artists & entrepreneurs the same thing, guess what the resounding answer was?  Yep, FEEDBACK!  Hmm, maybe a course isn’t the right thing!


That’s what led me to create Make Your Shop Shine - a one-on-one mentor-like strategy session that’s ALL about you & your shop and getting the feedback you need to grow & run it.  I’ll be your strategist & mentor, here to offer my expert advice, experience & knowledge - and it’s all just for you & your shop!  





  • Are an artist, designer, or online retailer that already has a shop online.

 (whether it’s an Etsy, Big Cartel or your own website - all are welcome!)

  • Are tired of doing it alone & dream of having a mentor.

  • You like your shop but are starting to feel burnt out / overwhelmed / stressed (insert stressor here!)

  • Want FEEDBACK that is SPECIFIC to you & your shop!


    • I'll start you off with a simple questionnaire so that we can spend our time on the phone getting to the nitty gritty details & specific topics you want addressed.
    • A 60 minute phone strategy session.  We’ll spend time talking about your current shop, what's working, what isn't, your goals & getting clear on what you want for your shop (more sales? more customers? more time to create & less time marketing?!) and we’ll talk about your pain points (creating a shop that looks great?  social media, anyone?! )  

    • I’ll create an action plan tailor-made just for you & your shop.  It’ll also include marketing ideas & strategies specifically for your shop.  


Whenever you’re ready & wherever you are - I'm here for you!  



I’m Piper Toth, owner of online shop one sydney road, creator of the popular online pop-up shops & an expert in small business entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurship is my passion - I got my degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship & have spent the past 15 years studying it as well as teaching & consulting.  After finally realizing my dream of having my own online shop, I felt it was time to take my knowledge & help others with their dream of running a successful online shop!



I have to tell you that I can’t WAIT for the chance to dive in to your shop!!


Make Your Shop Shine 1-on-1 sessions are $200.

  • If you're ready to jump in with both feet, sign up for a session here.
  • If you still have some questions, then please feel free to email me at [email protected]